When it comes to sugar daddies, Los Angeles, home of Hugh Hefner and every Hollywood “producer” who ever thought an investment in a film would pay off in the bedroom, ranks number 5 in the nation.

That's right, the website SeekingArrangement.com says this capital of sleazy bald men chasing skirt like there's no tomorrow only ranks number five nationally in terms of per-capital sugar daddies. Hmm.

The site's founder and CEO, Brandon Wade, explained it to us, because we were perplexed:

Los Angeles remains #1 in terms of our revenue source, so yes you are right that Los Angeles is the SUGAR DADDY capital of the world by numbers…. but by population density, unfortunately it isn't number 1 …


It turns out the dense little town of San Francisco is number one. Wade notes that it has all that new tech money. You know, Google, Apple, etc.

Wade explains that his rankings, based on data from his site's users, is …

… based on population density … San Francisco comes up as #1 …. This is also a more recent trend, where younger men are joining the ranks of sugar daddies …. SF Bay Area is after all home to many of the younger and wealthy from the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc …

In any case, his study of sugar, released today, says that L.A. has the most single such daddies in the nation. According to a SeekingArrangement.com statement:

A typical Los Angeles sugar daddy has an average income of $313,536, is worth about $8 million, and spends approximately $5,710 a month on his sugar addiction. Approximately 30.5% of them are married (one of the lowest number of philanders in the country).

The top 5 includes:

1. San Francisco.

2. Boston.

3. Austin, Texas.

4. Las Vegas.

5. Los Angeles.

The study says the average American sugar daddy spends “$4,357 a month on his sugar addiction.”

Who says the economy is hurting?

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