You got the chocolate, you got the roses, now it’s time to get the flowers that will seal the deal … or make your time alone that much more enjoyable.

We love the Strains of Valentine’s Day here at L.A. Weekly. It’s our last real glance at the genetics of the moment before we start the countdown to 4/20. Sometimes we’ll see some late offerings from the past outdoor harvest in the fall that deserve our attention, or just good pot we want to get on your radar.

On this year’s edition of the Strains of Valentine’s Day we have a good mix. There are deals and steals available, the newest exotics, and even a classic heater being pushed back to the forefront by another OG.


Photos: Jimi Devine

One of the newest flavors under the Jokes Up! flag, you know you’re doing it right when printing mylar bags in China so people can pretend they have your weed is an entire industry. L.A. Weekly was among the first to sample Anakiin a few weeks back. It’s certainly a hitter. With the growers telling us its name is an homage to being the most powerful one in the room, like a certain heavily copyrighted Sith Lord maybe? Who knows? Sometimes people don’t have faith in the cloutier weeds. It’s hard for them to comprehend the enthusiasm from the flyovers. Nevertheless, Anakiin is the real deal and a fantastic blend of Gushers, Mars OG and Gelato. The breeders have only been working with it since August, so give it a little bit of time to get to full production levels. But it will be out there. Keep an eye out for the heavy-hitting indica at Jokes Up!/ Anakiin popups and select retailers mid-2021.

Y Kiki


There are few places in the world creating more excitement around new cannabis right now than Deep East Oakland Farms. As we recently chronicled with Doja Pak and Wizard Trees’ RS11 drop, the savvy cannabis consumer knows what’s really up. Y Kiki is DEO’s second collaboration with Berner and Cookies. It’s a wild inbred line of Y Life that DEO puts among the finest offerings they’ve ever presented to the marketplace. The actual genetics are 580 x Ybx1. 580 is Ybx1 male x Ybx1 female. Through the multiple hundred seed hunts, DEO found the males he used generation to generation to isolate terpene profiles. The pollen stock used through the generations to create the inbred line came from Jigga. DEO Farms got access to the pollen through work they’d done with TKO Farms over the years. TKO originally received the pollen from the original Y Life amongst a cache of genetics they received from the Jigga back in the day. After all the years of work, DEO Farms ended up getting access to the original clone-only Y Life cut that they’re starting to work with now. We’ll be talking with DEO Farms in the not-too-distant future about all the famous strains they’ve created over the last couple of years.

Lemon P

Photo: Pearl Pharma

Pearl Pharma’s rendition of Lemon P is an exclusive release from Sin City Seeds grown by Pearl Pharma in their Santa Rosa facility and available statewide. The strain is a pairing of Lemon G and Blue Power. The Blue Power brings together Sour Double, Master Kush, The White, and Blue Moonshine. Add the Lemon G to that spread and it’s easy to understand why we have one of our favorite lemon-kissed flavor profiles since the original Super Lemon Haze dropped over a decade ago. California has had some limonene-heavy phenotypes over the years, but none of them smelt quite like Lemon P.

Channel Orange

Photo: Glass House Farms

We love affordable good pot here at L.A. Weekly, and last harvest season we thought Glass House Farms hit the nail on the head with their $35 MSRP offerings spreading across the state for all those that wanted to save a buck while smoking some heat. When we got word of the recent launch of Channel Orange, a new strain named in partnership with cannabis influencer Erick Khan, we wanted to make sure to got it on your radar. While OG has become most synonymous with old school California cannabis, the Cali-Os of yesteryear were popular. But they may have been impacted by that year of the great Tangie flood in 2014 or 2015. Orange-flavored weed is still great and many people love it!

Lovepot #14

Photo: Love Pot

Smokable Bouquets aren’t new, but they’ve come and gone over the years. The latest rendition of Valentine’s Day perennial token from the garden with a dash of weed comes from Lovepot.  Their smokable bud bouquet is available exclusively through High Times and features 14 grams of Gelato #33 grown by 818 brands. Due to the laws around cannabis, minimal assembly is required to wow your significant other with this delightful combination of weed and tradition.

Roadkill Skunk

A version of Roadkill Skunk, one of the most legendary strains of the past, has made its way to center stage in recent weeks among cannabis genetics aficionados. But there are a lot of bullshitters in the weed game, so why all the hype? The genetics have been verified by Todd McCormick, more famously known as the Pot Prince of Bel-Air. McCormick has, of course, continued his activism since the raid in Bel Air nearly a quarter century ago. He’s long been respected in elite circles, so when he says it’s the real deal people take his word for it.


“I just got it last year for the first time from the guy in Alaska who supposedly got it back in 1981 in Northern California,” McCormick told L.A. Weekly. McCormick knew there would be a lot of speculation around any announcement that involved Roadkill Skunk, so he kept his work under wraps until he was absolutely sure he was working with the lost icon. McCormick also noted Roadkill Skunk has more confusion around geographic traits than being a strain. “These varieties from Afghanistan and Pakistan had a rather unique scent. Some people would say that it smelled like a skunk’s spray, others would describe it as urine or even shit,” McCormick said. “While Afghan varieties were not that aromatic.”


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