After months of lockdown, and one of the more unique seasons ever, the Los Angeles Dodgers are a game ahead in the World Series and we’ve got the strains you need to enjoy the home stretch.

These options are sure to get you as high as Mookie robbing a home run at the wall. In addition to that wonderful experience, this group of selections has something for every income bracket, from bargains to exotic!

Glass House Farms – Grower’s Choice Purple Gelato

GC Farm2 E 19

We recently got the chance to check out this year’s crop from Glass House Farms. We went with the Purple Gelato for the pick because it was so different from their excellent renditions of MAC 1 and Runtz that are going to be more widely available this fall since lots of grows got their hands on the pair. Not only is the weed great, but Glasshouse argues their wholesale pricing should give shops enough room to hit the $35 MSRP. And again the MAC and Runtz are dope too, I’m just saving a really special Runtz for the next list so didn’t want to overdo it by selecting it here.

California Artisinal Medicine – Apple Pie

apple pie cam top jar

Photo: CAM/@thehigh_redbeard

Arguably the finest Colorado import yet to the California cannabis scene, the team at CAM decided to head west and see what their weed would look like in proper coastal humidity, or at least not in the dry mountain air. The results? Breathtaking. Expect to see things like Oreoz and Hell’s OG disappear quickly, so get your hands on the flower when it’s available. Given the recent wave of apple hype Lumpy originally kicked off, we had to go with Apple Pie for the World Series pick. Apple Pie is a special pheno of Apple Fritter. The Apple Fritter is a pairing of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies.

Alien Labs – Moonbow Smalls

Alien Labs and deals aren’t phrases you tend to find together a lot, so we’re excited to let you know you can get your hands on some Moonbow smalls if you’re quick. Smalls are the same top-shelf plants, just a smaller grade of nugs. Archive Seed Bank paired Zkittelz and Do-si-do to create this rockstar weed. They then handed off the best version they found to Alien Labs to pump out at full blast. The resulting cannabis has been driving clout blizzards up and down The Golden State since last winter. If they run out just get Gelonade, it’s also a dope deal.

LA Kush Blue Box

Photo: LA Kush

What better than the most iconic blue and white in L.A. cannabis to make watching the Dodgers road to victory all the more exciting. Since the original LA Kush boxes dropped in 2015, patients and now customers, have long enjoyed the product. The L.A. Kush team told L.A. Weekly they recognized early on that in order to protect their intellectual property, their strains, from being renamed and ensure our consumers were smoking the organic flower they grew. They needed to think outside the box, but ended up thinking in the box! Becoming the first boxed flower on the market, “forever changing the face of Cannabis,” as they correctly put it.

Ember Valley – Wedding Pie

We’re generally big Ember Valley fans at L.A. Weekly and they’ve certainly blown up even more locally in the last year. While some of their classic cuts like Kush Mints and Watermelon Gelato were some wild heat, the Wedding Pie is on point too! The Wedding Cake x Grape Pie pairing is available currently at Buds and Roses.

Fig Farms – Kush Mint Cookies

Kush Mint Cookies Nugshot

Photo: Fig Farms

The Jungle Boys bought all the Fig Farms and now there is a drought of Animal Mints crosses up north, but their loss is L.A.’s gain. When we went and visited Fig Farms last year, they showed off their whole killer spread. But the finest gem on a table full of diamonds was the Kush Mint Cookies. The Fig Farms rendition of Seed Junky’s Kush Mints x Animal Cookies is some of the best pot on the planet at the moment. You can scoop Fig Farms at all The Jungle Boys locations, Pottery, and a few other spots around town.

Cookies – London Pound Cake #75

LPC75.2 1

Photo: Cookies

We asked Cookies’ genetics patriarch Jigga what he’ll be smoking on while watching the series. He quickly pointed to the London Pound Cake. The LPC is one of this generation’s staples when it comes to Cookies genetics. While the spread is a lot bigger than back when the original Cookies cuts were making their rise, LPC #75 stands out in this new wave despite a lot of competition. Cookies keeps tight-lipped on what they crossed with Sunset Sherbert to create this treat, but the rumor is it was a killer indica. We do know it was named after an epic sales guy that helped Berner flip all those packs!

Chelsea Handler x Sweet Flower – Evolution Kit


Just in time for her new HBO special of the same name, Chelsea Handler is dropping the Evolution Kit. According to Chelsea’s Instagram story, she definitely loves weed. We can only imagine how much she’s dented the supply of Kiva Blueberries in greater Los Angeles. In the kit, you’ll be able to enjoy those blueberries, some prerolls from Aster Farms, and a six pack of Cann Lemon Lavender drinks.

“Cannabis has been such a big part of my own personal Evolution so I’m stoked to partner with Sweet Flower on an essentials kit for my upcoming HBO special,” Handler said, “They’re my go-to in LA for the best curation of products, so we’ve worked together to pick my favorite edibles, joints and social tonic for all your get-high options (and trust me, I’ve tried and tested everything over and over). These past few years I’ve discovered that using cannabis is a much nicer way to go through life. Everybody’s a lot less annoying, and I’m able to be more patient with the people who continue to be annoying.”

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