A weekend of Olympic action is ahead of us, and we have all the fantastic cannabis strains you’ll need to get enough elevation to clear the bar.

The Olympics certainly had a very rough PR patch with cannabis just before the games. U.S. sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson’s ban from participating has been one of the most galvanizing moments for the cause in years, as potheads got apathetic watching activists and eventually the industry roll the legal weed snowball downhill. But the fire is relit. People thought it was generally messed up what was happening to Richardson or put themselves in her shoes wondering how cannabis might impact their dreams and career. This Olympiad we smoke in protest of draconian rules in the way we drug test for cannabis in sports.

Here are some of the finest cannabis in the world you can roll up in solidarity with Richardson.

Powerzzzup – Gary Payton

Gary Payton – Courtesy of Kenny Powers

It wouldn’t be a proper Strains of the Olympics without two-time Gold Medalist and 1999 USA Basketball Male Athlete of the year Gary Payton. Much like the nine-time All-Star, the strain whipped up by the Powerzzzup team is absolutely ready to help America dominate at the international level. The elite pairing of The Y and Snowman is sure to help you conquer various eastern European countries that ball hard. One can only presume if Team USA had access to Gary Payton in the Olympic Village they would have gone on an undefeated run.

Seed Junky – Jealousy

There are few strains more appropriate for the Olympics this year than Jealousy. Whether you’re talking about the way many armchair gymnasts reacted to Simone Biles pulling out for the sake of her health or the way everyone is pretending the Ice Cream Cake deps aren’t still heat and won the Emerald Cup two years ago even if they’re not as exotic as they used to be. The flavor is basically a dive into backcrossed San Francisco dessert genetics – who doesn’t love that? Keep an eye out for it hitting shelves under the Minntz line collab between Seed Junky and Cookies but expect a lot of other people to be running in the not-too-distant future too.

Jungle Boys – Florida Kush

Courtesy of The Jungle Boys

When we think of Florida and weed, it’s usually all the tonnage that came to shore before the feds switched to tracking the boats by satellite. But just underneath the famed squared grouper is awesome OG Kush. The great OGs that emerged from Florida and traveled west proved to be some of the greatest cannabis of all time. Now, as the Jungle Boys prep to open their first Florida operation soon, you can get your hands on some Florida Kush grown here locally by them at their various locations around town.

Compound Genetics – Pave

Photo courtesy of Compound Genetics

After the new fencing rules that reward aggression, Pave is certainly one of the most exciting things we’re seeing for the Olympics. Compound Genetics is of course one of the hottest names in cannabis breeding over the past few years. The hype is driven by the quality of genetics as seen in this pairing of The Menthol and Paris OG. Expect a pairing of fuel terps and The Menthol’s namesake that is absolutely out of this world. Lots of people are constantly trying to get their hands on Compound cuts, so expect to see a few renditions hit the marketplace at some point.

The Original Z – Melon Brainz

Photo: Jimi Devine

The Terp Hogz now flavor, as they’ve proven in the past, with decade-defining terps that hold up to this day. Their latest collab under the freshly rebranded Original Z flag with Seven Leaves is a great time. Melon Brainz was formerly known as Brain Candy #28. But to keep with the times they had to switch the kid-friendly name to Melon Brainz. While the melon terps that give it its name are prevalent, they’re also delicate. They say smelling in the field is absolutely nuts.

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