In honor of the All-California NFC Championship game this Sunday, we’re taking a look at some of the best cannabis Los Angeles and San Francisco have for the big game. 

Make no mistake about it, on any given Sunday the best pot in the world could very well be in Greater Los Angeles or the San Francisco Bay Area. But this Sunday, the best pot left in the NFC with a shot at going to the Super Bowl definitely will be. 

Here is a rundown of the heat, repping both squads. 

San Francisco 

SF Offense – Powerzzzup 2090 Shit

20220127 145718

Courtesy of Powerzzzup

The Powerzzzup Team’s latest and greatest is still one of the finest things coming out of San Francisco proper. Thankfully we tried it before it got the dope packaging because we would have worried our Lifted Rocket Delorian Bias would have been in play even if the pot is exceptional. As we noted when we called it one of the most exciting strains of 4/20/21, 2090 Shit’s chunky and dense nugs carry the best of that San Francisco dessert nose that knocked OG Kush down a peg over the last 12 years. The wildest part is it tickles your sinus as a wild gassy OG strain would, but without any hints of fuel in the smell. 


SF Defense – Fig Farms Kryptochronic

IMG 9311

Courtesy of Fig Farms

The rendition of Compound Genetic’s Kryptochronic coming out of Fig Farms’ Oakland facility surely could hold up with the best pot on the planet. What makes Kryptochronic so great? It’s heat and rare. Only Fig and a handful of other people are working with it, most of them home-growers. Kryptochronic brings together a pairing of Fruity Pebbles OG x Alien Cookies with Compound’s famous Jet Fuel Gelato. The results are a proper adventure in neon green pot with deep dark purple notes. 


SF Special Teams – UMMA White Runtz

Screenshot 20220128 162928 Instagram

Courtesy of UMMA

We’re ready to Runtz up our lives with some of Wine Country’s finest indoor cannabis from UMMA in Sonoma County, but we imagine they’ll be calling everything south of Santa Rosa “The North Bay” come kickoff Sunday. That being said, in all the Runtz madness of the past few years, there isn’t much dispute about the White Runtz being the best version we’ve seen from indoor settings. If you can get some grown by one of the state’s most underrated new farms for the game, definitely pull the trigger. 


Los Angeles

L.A. Offense – Seed Junky Blackberry Pie


Courtesy of Seed Junky

You know the Dessert Weed Kings of the South over at Seed Junky aren’t going to burn its one shot at calling something Blackberry Pie on any buster phenotypes. And there was this indica-lite Blackberry Kush floating around in the early 2010s they wouldn’t want it mixed up with either. Just like the Rams hope to have some new tricks up their sleeves come Sunday, this is Seed Junky’s latest. It brings together their elite Sherbert line work with a great cut of the always popular Biscotti. 


L.A. Defense – Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush Photo Menu

Courtesy of Khalifa Kush

As we noted in this week’s cover story, Khalifa Kush has arrived. If you want L.A.’s newest, most exciting cannabis to spark up for the game, you’ll need to get over to Cookies Maywood to take part in the inaugural drop this weekend. Expect a terpene profile that reminds you of AK-47 and OG Kush. It’s definitely a hitter, and you can taste the years put into the effort to get it to shelves. 


L.A. Special Teams – Maven Black Diamond X


Courtesy of Maven

San Francisco better bite down on the mouthguard for the kick return because we’ve got one of L.A.’s hardest hitters on special teams. Maven’s Black Diamond X hits hard enough to ring your bell, but you won’t need to go through the full concussion protocol. It pairs Black Diamond OG with XXX. Both of these proven indicas have stood the test of time and have been top-shelf names all over California for a decade. 


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