We picked out favorite strains in the neighborhoods of the MLB playoff-team ballparks across the country, or the best shop over state lines if it’s still run by squares. 

Here are our Strains of the MLB Playoffs


Photo Courtesy of RISE Mundelein

Brewers – RYTHM Black Afghan – RISE Mundelein

While Wisconsin is yet to catch up in the legal cannabis thing, Milwaukee Brewers fans who want a little heat to go with their playoff baseball need not stress. The closest dispensary in Illinois is only a little over an hour south in Mundelein, Illinois. At RISE Mundelein you’ll be able to get your hands on some classics like Kosher Kush and Jack Herer, but if we were to walk in to grab a sack on our way north we’d likely go with the Black Afghan. 


Atlanta Braves – Light Dep-Grown Ice Cream Cake – California Trap Farms 

As things continue to normalize on the east coast, people are flipping a lot more weed than they used to with less fear of repercussions. Some of the municipalities riding the highest on that wave are Miami, New York, and luckily for Brave fans, Atlanta. ATL has always had an above-average affinity for weed, the mid-2010s wave of purple hype was adorbs because basically everyone mailing packs there stopped growing it already. But Atlanta certainly loves its Ice Cream Cake, the name of a lot of it probably changes on arrival but it’s still great pot. 


Cinderella 99 courtesy of Pure Oasis

Boston Red Sox – Commonwealth Alternative Care Cinderella 99 – Pure Oasis

Massachusetts Dispensary Scene is still catching up, and if you don’t have time to drive to Maine to buy weed like a lot of the locals do you can hit up Pure Oasis for one of the better in-person shopping experiences you’ll find. And in the event the next Sox game goes a thousand innings as they tend to in October every now and then, the Cinderella 99 won’t put you down before the last pitch. The strain has been a staple of Massachusetts’ top-shelf cannabis culture for a long time. I first smoked an elite version of Cinderella 99 after the 2006 Boston Freedom Rally. 


Tampa Bay Rays – Pre 98 Bubba – Surterra Wellness

The closest dispensary to Tropicana Field is only seven minutes away and while there aren’t a ton of options at Surterra Wellness, some of them have a deep connection to Florida. The Pre-98 Bubba kush in particular has a direct link back to Florida before Matt “Bubba Kush” Berger originally brought the genetics to L.A. For years, Bubba was a full-bodied nondrowsy option that a lot of cannabis consumers swore by, then you saw it in a lot of other things down the line like the Platinum Bubbas. 


SF Giants – Anything Grown by C.R.A.F.T. – C.R.A.F.T.

So much weed hype originates up north in San Francisco, and for all the big name brands and OG dispensaries that dot the 7×7, few are held in such high regard by their peers as C.R.A.F.T. Their house lineup is arguably the best thing going in the Bay Area and so unique from all those “it” strains of any given moment, C.R.A.F.T. has always worked to hunt down truly special cannabis over the last decade and in the same way a lot of the best cannabis never leaves town in Los Angeles, there is a reason C.R.A.F.T. jars don’t make it south. 


L.A. Dodgers – Insane OG – Dr. Greenthumbs L.A.

What better weed to help you root the Dodgers on to glory than one of the most popular renditions of the most L.A. strain of them all: O.G. Kush. The Insane OG cultivation team led by Kenji Fujishina has been putting it down for years. And while we love the new flavor directions they’ve taken other things, OG Kush is what paid the bills for the squad for many years and they know exactly what they’re doing when cultivating it.


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