The Strains of Saint Patrick’s Day 2022

It’s time for our annual strains of Saint Patrick’s Day list here at L.A.!

This year’s edition also will feature a noted Spanish twist, given the amount of cannabis we saw this past weekend when we hit Barcelona for Spannabis. But regardless of where we are in the world, we’re always excited to check out new things that may end up on our lists in honor of various holidays, this one being the greenest.

But we’re not going to send you into Saint Paddy’s Day with some wook hipster elitist travel diary –  that’s tomorrow – this list features a few great options you can grab around town right now to help you celebrate. 

The Strains of Saint Patrick’s Day 2022:

Iberian Runtz

Photo: Jimi Devine

One of the strains that impressed us the most in Spain was a Runtz cut from Hassan’s 710 that quickly showed us that it earned the name Iberian Runts. Not only was it one of the loudest offerings we saw on the trip when you crunched into it for a sniff, but it also featured some of the chunkiest buds we saw anywhere. That fact can’t be overstated, given the number of popcorn nugs there is in the marketplace compared to California – some strains we called their Movie Theatre Edition.  


Ego Clash Z-Cube

Photo: Jimi Devine

Z-Cube from Dying Breed Seeds has been on the radar for a while. The cross is Z x Eddie OG. Many brands have grown it over the years. Some A-list rappers even changed the name and run it to this day. Regardless of all those extra dashes of hype, the right phenos can feature wild candy Z terps that make it easy to see why it’s been one of the preferred flavors in the marketplace for some time. The version that won The Ego Clash last week was grown in Spain.   


Local Cannabis Co Ice Cream Cake at GorillaRX

Courtesy of Local Cannabis Company

Local Cannabis Company’s elite 4-year-old cut of Ice Cream Cake is the closest I’m going to be able to get to making an Irish Cream joke on this list. The award-winning pheno is an absolute banger with a hell of a trophy shelf. Some people might be turned off to this idea by the amount of Ice Cream Cake currently in the marketplace, but most offering that line of commentary actually haven’t been to the mountaintop.  


3C Downtown LA Eighths 

3C Farms is still going nuts in its new downtown L.A. shop on South Alameda Street. While it is most famous for its work with its great OG cuts over the years, 3C generally will have something in house to fit your favorite terpene profile. Why does it matter? Because right now it’s doing great deals on all the flowers it grows in honor of the new shop. Head over to grab an eighth for $33. 


Green Dragon Chillato

Courtesy of Green Dragon

While it’s planting season and you’re probably thinking of a Green Dragon visit to get your hands on some clones, don’t forget you can buy great weed there, too. This time we’re pointing to the Chillato to help you take a breath during all the Saint Patrick’s Day madness. The Chillato is a pairing of Malverde and Blue Sherbert. It’s a favorite offering among the Green Dragon team. Green Dragon also hints at some new cuts that will be dropping all over the state soon. 

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