It’s time to buy your last jar of the heat to hold you over until the dispensaries open in 2022, and we’ve got the Strains of New Year’s Eve to put you in the best shape possible to wait it out.

This lineup is sure to make your eyes glassier than Cinderella’s kicks at 11:59 as you wait for the real party with the best weed to start three hours after the ball drops! And while many of our lists can dabble on the exotic “we want to tell you about it first” side, this group of strains is available all over greater Los Angeles for you to get your hands on tonight and tomorrow. 

Happy New Year!

Trop Cherry – Jungle Boys

Courtesy of The Jungle Boys

We’ve covered all the big drops from the Jungle Boys over the past couple of years with their work on the TK line and then following it up with Mike And Larry. Their latest work taps into the main cookies hype of the moment with Tropicana x Cherry Cookies. The Tropicana line has had some standout hash dumpers attached to it and with the Jungle Boys washing and pressing a lot of material they grow, it’s no surprise this heater found its way to their lineup. 


Secret Gelato – Green Dragon 

Zkittelz x Georgia Pie courtesy of Green Dragon

We wanted to put this new Zkittelz x Georgia Pie on the list but it wasn’t quite ready for the masses. Since we want to make sure you can get your hands on all these picks, we’re going with the Secret Gelato. It’s a great rendition of the terps that won strain of the year twice during the 2010s. Head on over to Green Dragon’s flagship shop in North Hollywood to get some and grab some clones to veg in the garage until things thaw out. 


Fig Farms 6ixth Sense – Velvet Eagle Rock

Courtesy of Fig Farms

If you plan on crushing ice cream pints solo tonight to avoid Omicron and the rest of the COVID Greek alphabet of death you should add some exceptional dessert weeds to the mix too. Look no further than the always exceptional Fig Farms latest work hunting down fire from Seed Junky Genetics. The latest wonder is 6ixth Sense, which is in fact the Sherb Bx1 pheno #6. We’re sure you’ll love it!


Neighborhood Essentials Black Jefe – Josephine and Billie’s

We always try and support equity brands here at L.A. Weekly, so we’re absolutely thrilled to see Detroit-founded Neighborhood Essentials in the mix here in Los Angeles at one of the city’s big new additions from 2021 in Josephine and Billie’s. When we first met the Neighborhood Essentials team at a Cookies’ social equity mixer in Oakland it was some of the best pot in the room and we’re hyped to tell you where you can grab some. 


Drippz Red Bottomz – AHHS

We reached out to the OGs at AHHS to see what they have on deck for the holiday festivities and they were quick to point to Red Bottomz. AHHS has a history of getting in with killer brands early so go check out how they did with their pick from Drippz as they close out their 20th year serving California.  


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