The Story of Nune Stepanyan: Self-Made in Its Truest Form

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Beauty in its truest form lies in the mind and soul of a person and not solely in physical appearance. People may fall into unrealistic beauty standards set by society and lose confidence in their physical appearance. Although everyone is born with imperfections, some find it difficult to accept what they see in the mirror every morning, and with all the innovations we have readily available to us, why should anyone be made to feel less than? When a little amount of gel injected into someone’s face can uplift and change their entire outlook on life, that is a worthy moment to be a part of. Dr. Nune Stepanyan, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, has helped such people gain this added confidence boost since 2016. She is at the forefront of the aesthetic industry addressing patients’ concerns about appearance with injectables and other laser treatments.

Dr. Nune Stepanyan is the founder and lead practitioner of The Stepanyan Clinic, based in Los Angeles, California. Nune is of Armenian descent born to hard-working parents who immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union during the 90s. Growing up, she admired her parents who sacrificed everything to give their children a better life. It is the sheer grit and resilience Nune inherited from her parents that helped her not only break into the closely-knit aesthetic industry but shine through it all.

Starting her career in nursing in critical care/emergency medicine, Nune earned recognition in a primary care practice in Silverlake, Los Angeles. When she decided to venture into aesthetics, Nune realized she was a complete outcast in this space. Although she was enthusiastic to learn and implement all things aesthetic, she was body-shamed for not fitting the mold that was set for individuals in aesthetic medicine. Nune was told that patients can trust her with their lives, but for the aesthetic part, they will go to someone with a more pleasing appearance.

Nune’s challenges did not end there. Although she successfully provided aesthetic treatments for her patients, Nune was bullied on social media. Every time she posted before and after pictures of her patients, what some people would call “top injectors,” demeaned her abilities, commenting that only someone with considerable experience could and should be trusted with injectable treatments. What these “top injectors” failed to understand was that experience comes from practice, and they were once amateur injectors, too. Despite all this, she remained focused on her goal to emerge as a leading name in the aesthetic industry.

After 10 years of formal education and 6 years of extended studies and training, Nune is one of the most sought-after injectors in the aesthetic industry. Through The Stepanyan Clinic, Nune helps people look naturally beautiful, in what she calls “pro-aging” treatments. Services include injectables such as Botox and fillers, RF Microneedling such as Morpheus8 and VirtueRF, Cool Peel CO2 laser, Forma, Skinwave Hydrafacial, PRP, and IPL. Besides her practice, Nune also trains doctors, nurses, PAs, and NPs in advanced injectables.

The Stepanyan Clinic is a place where patients experience the luxuries of aesthetic medicine. Making the patient feel comfortable is always a priority for Nune. This is the reason The Stepanyan Clinic stands out in its services, earning the recommendations of not only patients but also their friends and family. Nune focuses on being honest about her suggestions or advice to the patient. She doesn’t want people to idolize a filtered or edited picture of a model on a magazine cover and feel imperfect when looking in the mirror. She wants her patients to know that beauty also lies in imperfections and that everyone is beautiful in their own way. However, if something bothers a patient, Nune tries her best to fix it with any of the resources available in a non-invasive aesthetic treatment.

Nune’s concept of true and uniform beauty has made The Stepanyan Clinic a place where people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and differences can go without being judged. Her goal is to help them get that extra sparkle that can restore their confidence and put a smile on their face.

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