Over the weekend, folks of all stripes landed in Orlando, Florida for Star Wars Celebration VI, the ultimate Star Wars fan convention that undoubtedly was more fun than the Republican National Convention will be this week. Of course, where there are Star Wars geeks, there are ingenious Star Wars-themed kitchen gadgets. Case in point: A slick Death Star Tea Infuser sold by ThinkGeek during the event, and now available on its website.

The Death Star Tea Infuser is not a trap for anything other than loose leaf tea. Shaped like the Galactic Empire's “ultimate weapon” that had “enough power to destroy an entire planet,” the $19.99 infuser is stainless steel and comes complete with a TIE fighter at the end of the chain, presumably to protect your tea against Rebel scum.

And while you're probably already imagining which teas to use in this nifty infuser, maybe the most fun would be to take ThinkGeek's advice and use it to brew Jean-Luc Picard's favorite tea (Earl Grey, hot). Which would be a crossover in a cup that, like Buffy meeting Veronica Mars, could otherwise could only happen in the world of fan fiction. We have a good feeling about this.

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