The Sound Of Healing – Mollie Mendoza’s Journey Continues

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The popular musician announced that there’ll be new recorded music for her patient fans soon. After touring the world and completing major work in the field of sound healing, the concious artist has given some updates and insights to her future plans.

Mollie Mendoza is one of the big names on the frontier of this new wave of musical healing experiences. Though nothing entirely new, the demand and awareness for these practices is bigger than ever. In the midst of Yoga studios, retreats and mindfulness, sound healing has found its very own space. One, that is rapidly growing.  Mendoza, originally from London, performs in private circles and public events as big as large music festivals.

Though based between her home country as well as Portugal and Central America, the musician has been able to travel in abundance due to the nature of her work, continuously forming and expanding her communities.

In the United Kingdon, the sound healer created a special space by successfully running the UnMind music studios in London. The location regularly held sold out sound healing & movement events. Community is the important link to all her projects, as they attract people from a wide spectrum to come together and open up to what can only be described as potentially transformative experiences.

Still Mendoza’s songs are proving popular on record as well. The popular songwriter has multiple songs currently counting millions of streams across various platforms.

Highlighted is surely the collaboration album ‘Root Down Deep’ with singer-songwriter Sam Garrett. The two have formed a very potent duo, representing a shared messaged and niche. Another streaming hit and fan favorite is her song ‘Om Ganesha’ with Mose & Sam Garrett.

Way More Than A Niche Artist

Particularly in the United Kingdom, Mollie’s success has recently taken new levels. Her live performance and interview on the BBC Sunday Morning Show will surely be remembered as a milestone. On one of the most popular live shows in the UK, Mendoza opens up about her background and deep commitment to her work, after  playing some of her songs live on air.

Only reasonable the demand for Mollie Mendoza’s sound healing performances is growing further, and fans who want to hear her new music before next year will have to flock to her tour dates – she’s playing festivals and gigs.

Make sure to follow her social media platforms to stay updated on her love performances and releases, or you’re missing out!

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