We all know how hard it is to get Coachella tickets. Beyond the financial commitment, the festival is such a hot commodity that tickets this year sold out in a record 40 minutes. You can buy them on Craigslist or Ebay if you're willing to pay steep markups. Or, you can just buy them directly from the festival website with an awesome dinner included. 

Say what? That's right — tickets are still available for the festival if you buy a pass that includes one of the rose garden Outstanding in the Field dinners. The pass increases the cost of either a general admission ticket or a VIP ticket by $225. The increased ticket cost turns out to be about the same or less than what many folks are selling regular Coachella tickets for on the secondary market. And, bonus, with these tickets you don't have to meet some sketchy dude at a Starbucks and trust he's not ripping you off. 

And what you get for that extra $225 is pretty awesome: a four-course meal put on by Outstanding in the Field, served in the Coachella rose garden. The meal includes cocktails, beer and wine and a dinner cooked by notable chefs. These kind of festival/dinner combo tickets are available for both weekends and all the scheduled dinners as of this writing. There are two dinners every night of the festival, one at 5:30 p.m. and one at 7:30 p.m. The schedule for the different evenings is as follows:

Weekend 1:

Friday, April 10
Michael Beckman and Jamie DeRosa 

Saturday, April 11
Alex Reznik (of Ditmas Kitchen) and Vartan Abgaryan (of Cliff's Edge)

Sunday, April 12
Ricardo Zarate and Tin Vuong (of Little Sister)

Weekend 2:

Friday, April 17
Bruce Kalman (of Union in Pasadena) Jason Fullilove (of Malibu Pier) and James Trees

Saturday, April 18
Steven Fretz (of the Church Key) and David Varley

Sunday, April 19
Steve Samson (of Sotto) and Nicole Rucker

You can buy Coachella passes for weekend one that include these dinners here, and for weekend two here. And if you already have your Coachella tickets but want to just buy tickets to the dinners, you can do that at the aforementioned links as well. 

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