George Carlin has not left the building. At least, his spirit still remains. But now it's in the earthly form of his only child, Kelly, whose one-woman show, A Carlin Home Companion, would do a teller of tales like Garrison Keillor — and Poppa — proud. Well, maybe the Prairie Home humorist wouldn't be so over-the-moon about the candid confessions of alcoholism, cocaine abuse and dysfunctional dysphoria. But Poppa certainly would get a kick out of Kelly's comitragic spin on life with father — who didn't always know best. Keen observers might spot traces of the elder Carlin in Kelly's delivery — articulate, incisive, dramatic and cutting-edge — yet she doesn't pretend to be the Hippie Dippy Weatherman or even a wry social commentator. Using projected family photos as a backdrop, she narrates her family history: what it was like to be a 9-year-old watching her father be arrested for violating obscenity laws; or living in the Palisades surrounded by conservatives while Dad hurled insults across the driveway. Some might think it would've been cool to be the kid of a counterculture hero. It certainly provided for interesting — and now entertaining — times. Santa Monica Playhouse, 1211 Fourth St., Santa Monica; Fri., Feb. 24, 8 p.m.; $20. (310) 394-9779,

Fri., Feb. 24, 8 p.m., 2012

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