Can you spare one minute this Saturday? If so, here's a wonderful and elegant project: on November 13, film yourself (doing whatever it is you normally do) for one minute. Then send the video to artist Erin Cooney over at The Simultania Project.

Cooney will assemble the collected footage “into a video installation that plays back all the simultaneous perspectives together and in sync.”

Andy Warhol had his 15 minutes of fame. Cooney calls this “your one minute of anti-fame.” It's easy to get so wrapped up in yourself that you forget that there are many, many of us on the planet simultaneously experiencing reality. She's hoping to get at least 1,000 entries from all over the world. Go sign up. It should be pretty amazing.

Her site has instructions on how to “time stamp” your footage. Basically, you film the face of your watch for a few seconds before the start time. Then film yourself for one minute. And voila! You've officially time-stamped your video. If you have a cell-phone with video capability, that's all you need.

Note that everyone will be coordinating their watches to “World Time.” In Los Angeles, the 1-minute-moment will occur Saturday at 8:00 AM PST.

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