With the increase of research into the intersection of sex and cannabis, there are a number of established and new products on the market that use THC and/or CBD as an ingredient. These include: 

Foria: Although only a few years old, a few years in cannabis is a lifetime. Foria is the grandmother of cannabis-based intimacy products. A pioneer in offering both THC- and CBD-based products for pleasure enhancement, pain relief and overall wellness, they’re is most known for “Pleasure,” their natural arousal line of products. Foria information states that it “enhances tactile sensations while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness,” with their plant-based products using only sun-grown, sustainable cannabis and hemp.

Quim: Cyo Nystrom, Quim’s co-founder and CEO created a self-care line for “humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas.” She partnered with co-founder Rachel Washtien to de-stigmatize vagina wellness and create a plant-based intimate wellness company after experiencing years of recurrent vaginal health issues and finding limited options. “We want people to start thinking in a vagina–forward way” she told me, adding,  “We want to provide tools for daily self-care rituals.”  The Quim THC/CBD product line (with fantastically creative names) increases blood flow, promotes pelvic relaxation, decreases inflammation and pain, intensifies sensation and libido, and increases natural lubrication; it includes, among others: Happy Clam Everyday Oil, an “eye cream for the vagina” and Smooth Operator Intimate Serum (coming soon).

Her Highness: The new lifestyle female brand, available October 1, is designed to make women’s lives better, help reduce stigma and enhance cannabis and sexual empowerment. Co-founders and fellow New Yorkers, Laura Eisman and Allison Krongard created “Highly Orgasmic” as a cannabis on-ramp for both new and experienced female users. Her Highness offers a CBD and THC intimacy product, which Krongard described as “addressing the most common pleasure and pain points of a woman, including lack of sleep, joy and sexual gratification.” Together with an herbalist and guidance from gynecologists, after four years of development they created a product with a unique and proprietary combination of natural ingredients suspended in organic California olive oil. Ingredients include, an ancient South American herb known to cause salivation and pulsation on the tongue, which was considered beneficial to the uterine environment and, in Krongard’s words, “gifts a woman everything from a tiny tingle to a thunderous orgasm.” 

Ignite: The brainchild of Kush Queen founder Olivia Alexander  “created the Ignite line of products because at the time there [were] no water-based, latex-safe lubricants on the market. Other lubricants that were available took an hour to work. When it comes to sex, who has that kind of time to wait?” Alexander stated that “the Ignite products are not just infused oils but actual lubricants.” She explained that the Ignite products are based on hard science — nanotechnology — which allows small particles to be absorbed into the bloodstream faster and more effectively. An additional benefit compared to an oil-based substance (which is an absolute no-no when using a latex condom) is that it creates a water-based lubricant. Ignite is paraben- and petrochemical-free and non-staining.

CanBeDone: Thanks to the four members of the co-founding team: Raja Agani (previously Facebook), marine veterans Rich Shope and Robert Seo, and adult film performer Spencer Barrick, we have a new unique product combination. Shope and Seo used CBD, which helped them with PTSD and chronic pain suffered after years of military service. Barrick had heard about multiple sexually-related physical and emotional issues during his time in the adult industry. CanBeDone products are available at Saks 5th Avenue and online. The supplement line includes a full spectrum CBD organic hemp oil in two flavors. CanBeDone is also the producer of the very first vegan condom called, “P.S.” The “P.S.” name is symbolic of the final note in a personal letter. “This embodies the personal touch of our company and brand,” Barrick stated.  The condom is clear, ultra-thin, made of the highest-grade latex and silicone lubricant, and has no rubber smell due to the company’s proprietary purification process. All condoms are tested with electric current to exceed FDA safety requirements. 

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