The Ryan Show is Cancelling Cancel Culture

Watch out “Cancel Culture”, The Ryan Show is coming for you. The weekly radio program, founded in 2015 by broadcaster Ryan Verneuille, features the on-air talent of Grammy Award winning musician Mr. Cheeks(Lost Boyz) and socialite Hamptons Dave. Recently the trio brought on rising New York City creative Deejay Khalil to produce music mixes and comedy segments. Khalil has also been entrusted to manage all future bookings, fan interactions, and by his own declaration, “FCC fines.”

The Ryan Show FM is a top independently syndicated talk show in the country,” says Khalil. “Our guest history has been a who’s who of pop culture Americana. The program has included appearances by Michael Vick, Aaron Carter, Aries Spears, Steve Smith Jr., Havoc of Mobb Deep, Rob Van Dam, “Freeway” Rick Ross, Sabu and Keith Murray. We highlight guests with stories that fascinate us, especially during a time when freedom and creativity has often been suppressed. It’s the least that we, ‘white boys,’ can do, rather than ‘vulturing what’s left of history.'”

“Ultimately, there seems to be a pendulum shift taking place in our society,” said Verneuille. “We, obviously, want to be mindful of certain ideologies and their cult leaders but selective outrage over mainstream comedy or past transgressions is a little hypocritical when there is so much else to worry about on this planet.”

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