The Rise of a Teenage Phenom: Meet Daniel Avital, Million-Dollar Business Owner

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The world often associates success with experience instead of talent. However, one name is shining bright against this belief—not just as an exception—but as an example to aspiring teens who love to dream big. Daniel Avital, 18-year-old high school student and entrepreneur, is already running successful brands as well as being an accomplished athlete.

Curious to test the entrepreneurial waters, at the tender age of 13, he started his business journey with two thriving business ventures, Danny’s Kicks (a high-end sneaker brand) and Avital Exotics—a scaling car rental business. With a passion to start his own venture, Daniel started selling 3D-printed phone cases for a mere $10 and gradually climbed up the ladder of success. After gaining some experience in business, he aimed to start a luxury brand, which is how he founded Danny’s Kicks. This million-dollar brand is recognized for its impressive collection of rare sneakers and is currently a leading supplier to numerous stores across the US. His second venture, Avital Exotics, is known for its exotic range of cars helping people travel in style. The company boasts of a fleet of luxury cars valued at over $750K.

Despite founding two scaling ventures, Daniel is also a teen passionate about sports like any other kid his age. He aspires to be a professional soccer player and even played in Germany, overcoming many odds. Juggling business and sports has been challenging, but he relentlessly chased his dreams in soccer. His talent was recognized, earning him offers from renowned clubs like Bayern Leverkusen. Daniel also tried out at the famous Atletico Madrid in Spain to showcase his soccer skills.

While many struggle for years to create a scaling business venture, Daniel accomplished his goals quite early. However, he also faced challenges. Too young to own a business, he operated under his parent’s accounts until last year. Learning the ins and outs of creating a venture and scaling it was also challenging. Many days, Daniel slept for only 4 hours because he worked on his business until midnight and woke up early to hit the gym. However, his determination, dedication, and diligence helped him overcome all barriers to become a successful entrepreneur and promising athlete.

Through his difficult years, Daniel learned the value of sacrifice and discipline in life. He realized that life has many tradeoffs and kept chasing his goal. While other teens of his age were partying or hanging out, Daniel remained focused on honing his craft to reap the harvest of hard work later. Although he achieved commendable success at this age, Daniel believes it’s just the beginning for him.

He has big plans for the future. Daniel wants to start a chain of sneaker stores nationwide and expand the fleet of cars at Avital Exotics to triple-digit. His journey from a teenage phenom to a multi-millionaire is an inspiration for countless budding entrepreneurs worldwide. Daniel’s success-driven story—and his message—personifies discipline and determination. His is a tale of success that can be achieved by anyone regardless of age.

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