I know, I know – ever since God invented cell phones that can tell the time, no-one wears watches anymore. Watches are annoying. You have to put them on. And take them off. They get scratched. They steam up in the shower. And remember watch-related tan marks back in the nineties (shudder)?

It would take a very special kind of watch for me to want to strap any time-keeping device back on my wrist – but I think I may have found one: The Toy Watch, which is so cute it is more accessory than time-keeping device. Toy Watch has only just launched in the US (the designer Marco Mazilla is a vintage watch collector  who lives in Milan, Italy) and so far, only a select few are in the know – one of them being Madonna, who has been seen sporting her sexy new Toy Watch around town.

It comes in a range of colors and the design is unisex – chunky enough for a man but detailed enough in the face (think mother of pearl and diamante detailing) to appeal to girly girls too (I'm a big fan of the pink). The straps are cool – they are made of non-bendy plastic links connected like a Rolex strap. Basically, it's a high design watch that looks like a Rolex, but at around $250, costs significantly less. Clockwatching has never been this much fun.


Posted by Caroline Ryder

LA Weekly