Now-closed restaurant Starry Kitchen's chili crab was a legendary dish, one that regularly ran out early and inspired food lovers to make cross-town treks and bloggers to write impassioned odes to the spicy crustacean. And for one weekend only (Oct. 21-22), it's coming back.

The kitchen at Button Mash, a restaurant, beer bar and video game arcade, is helmed by the Starry Kitchen chefs, and the menu is full of soulful, messy, Asian-inspired dishes. But tonight the chili sauce that made those chefs famous is back for Button Mash's one-year anniversary party on Friday night.

You'd have to bring your own crab, as the Button Mash celebration won't be providing it: it'll be the sauce, with buttermilk beignets for dippin,' plus a selection of rare beers from local and beloved breweries Highland Park, Modern Times, Mumford and Smog City. 

On Saturday, the team will take their talents to a crab feast in Little Tokyo, at a fundraiser for the Japanese-American Cultural & Community Center. Crab Fest at the Nishi Hongwanji temple will include the chili crab, garlic noodles and those buttermilk beignets. Ticket info is here. 

This weekend you can be crabby as you wanna be and still have a great time. 

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