One of LA’s funkiest dance fetes makes a triumphant return to the Eastside this week. Funky Sole may have seen its heyday at the now-defunct Star Shoes in Hollywood — and stomped off more recently at Jimmy’s Lounge — but the party actually tapped its first toe in Silver Lake at Rudolpho’s, back in ’01. Crate diggin’ turntable specialists Miles Tackett, Egon (Stones Throw) and wax wizard surprises like Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, etc. always made this a can’t-miss cutup, celebrating vintage soul and dirty funk both familiar and obscure. With fellow retro-rhythm-rockin’ resident DJ Clifton and guests like DJ Phoreyz (for this re-opening night), expect this one to strengthen its step in the new locale. At the Echo, 1822 Sunset Blvd. Hang the DJs makes room for the Sole (and gets more room for its hip-clipped heads) by moving from the Echo to the Echoplex downstairs the same night, and it’s also recommended for this week’s special Xmas bash co-hosted by Delicious Vinyl, Delicious Gutter and Urb. There will be live bands and DJ sets from Brother Reade/Desert Eagles’ Bobby Evans (screening the new video for his circuity jam, “Freak-a-zoid Robots”), Mid City West, DJ Never Forget, and Bianca O’Blivian plus live graffiti, a Santa photo booth and 3D nail art (!). At the Echoplex, 1154 Glendale Blvd. Both clubs Sat., Dec. 20.

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