The Remarkable Digital Artistry of Timothy Hancock

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Meet the incredible 36-year-old artist Timothy Hancock, whose life story is moving. Unexpectedly, he fell in love with the world of fine photography and editorial portraits when he was in college for architecture studies. What makes Timothy unique is that he was adopted as a baby and was born eighty percent deaf in both ears. His life is proof that the immense potential we all possess can overcome any external barrier.

However, Timothy’s life is everything but typical. While still in school, he branched into fine art under the employment  of Cabela’s founder and famed figurehead, Dick Cabela. He  joined the team to open the Indian River Gallery on the Strip in Las Vegas, a venue dedicated to presenting Native American artwork. During his six formative years, Timothy matured into a genuine virtuoso, becoming an expert in fine photography and eventually taking on the duties of creative director and website manager at the gallery.

The adventures of Timothy had barely begun. At the tender age of 24, he struck out on his own as an independent creative director, establishing his studio. From then on, he was in high demand, as people everywhere recognized his extraordinary gifts and sought his advice.

Hancock’s Evolution in Fashion Photography and Publishing: Through the Lens of Achievement

In 2013, Hancock began his rise to fame as the official photographer for BILLIONAIRE Italian Couture USA’s e-commerce platform, which solidified his career in the fashion photography industry. His photographs perfectly encapsulated the company’s spirit, making him the standard bearer for American business product photography.

In what ways, though, did Hancock do this? Well, prominent executives  noticed his skills after viewing a sample of his work stored on a CD. They recognized his vision , and before long, he was bound by a two-year contract, prolonging his productive collaboration with the retail company.

In May 2016, BILLIONAIRE entered a new era, with Philipp Plein successfully acquiring a controlling share. While this closed the chapter on the brand’s retail space  in the United States, it continued in other countries under the new ownership.

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The road that Hancock traveled was not confined at all. In 2014, he founded DLXVRSN Media Inc. Through this endeavor. He arranged monthly high-end get-togethers and recognition for business owners. The culmination of his efforts was Deluxe Version Magazine, which has become the bedrock of his creative endeavors.

As we approached 2020, Hancock’s genius began to receive widespread recognition. His powerful images graced many pieces in Forbes, each a testament to his skills. An emotionally charged profile highlighted Hancock’s accomplishment of becoming the youngest luxury print publisher in the United States. It was a party to honor his success and the tenacity that made Deluxe Version Magazine possible.

In a statement, Hancock mentioned: “As a deaf entrepreneur, this acknowledgment of my success meant the world to me. Deluxe Version Magazine was created with the mission to elevate all of the people around me through stunning visuals and stories. For Forbes writers to share my story made me proud of the hard work I committed to over the years.”

Exploring Art, Architecture, and Fashion in Hancock’s Marfa Continuum

Marfa Continuum, Hancock’s latest masterpiece, is a sequence of mesmerizing digital artworks that will sweep you away. When Hancock’s best friend moved to glamorous Los Angeles, it sparked the idea for this fantastic enterprise. The spark of creativity came from a single request for a customized shot of the iconic Marfa installation in Texas. Hancock’s visions of a future where art, architecture, and fashion intertwine in a magnificent symphony flew high as time spread its wings.

“People are obsessed with the original standing art installation, but my goal is to be the first to visually reimagine a continuum of the idea. So I created a digitalized universe where the architecture and fashion collide beyond 2005 and still honor the visual principalities.” This is another statement made by Hancock.

A portal to a world we have yet to see, Hancock’s digital canvas is a tapestry skillfully woven from the threads of futuristic design. Every order  of the detail, every rendering of his vision, is a tribute to the values that inform his creative process. Hancock delivers more than just artwork; his education and experience span the fields of architecture, fine photography, publishing, and design. Get ready to be captivated because Marfa Continuum invites you to rethink the familiar, welcome the merging of the past and future, and experience a visual journey like no other.

Hancock’s Marfa Continuum series is available through Elena Bulatova Fine Art Galleries in Las Vegas, Palm Desert, and Miami.

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