The Reality Center: Shifting the Reality of Mental Health

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A psychedelic revolution is on the horizon, one that may bring new potential treatments for mental wellness. However, as promising as this might be, you may secretly be wondering if you really are ready to take a hallucinogenic drug to combat your depression or PTSD. Here’s the thing: you don’t have to wait to find out – less than 500 feet from the Santa Monica boardwalk and pier, you can experience the healing properties of psychedelics without the risks of taking drugs. The Reality Center/Reality MGMT Technologies, which opened at the beginning of 2022, is using light, sound, and vibration to deliver the same experience in a 100% controlled, safe, 90-minute session. Its clients have included celebrities, veterans, and other people who simply need help overcoming the trauma and stress in their lives. We sat down with the Reality Center Team to talk about why they have become one of the can’t-miss experiences in LA.

Wellness influencers, Tech CEOs, celebrities, musicians, and athletes can all be seen going to the Reality Center on any given day. Why?

Top performers in every industry understand that mental health is just as important as physical health. Even a 1% improvement in challenging areas can be the difference between success and failure. Our technology makes it easy to access the brainwave states where our own healing mechanisms take over. Normally this requires years of training or taking psychedelics to enter these brainwave states. Balancing both the nervous system and brain at the same time leaves people feeling refreshed, restored and inspired after just one session. The Reality Center has grown in popularity because our methodology is really the fastest way for a person to meditate like a pro without any experience necessary.

Why Santa Monica?

Our goal is to make this type of experience accessible to as many people as possible, so being in the epicenter of tourism and Silicon Beach allows that to happen. Southern California is traditionally open-minded, so it’s a perfect place to introduce something new. Companies like Hulu, Headspace, Dollar Shave Club, and Snapchat were born out of this area, so we feel that the Reality Center is part of the next big wave of innovation in Silicon Beach.

How does this compare to a psychedelic trip?

The main benefit, in our opinion, to a psychedelic trip is that plant medicine forces users to face whatever comes up, and self-knowledge often follows. This is also true with our technology at the Reality Center. Combining light, sound, and vibration together in a synchronized state can affect the same parts of your brain that are stimulated during a psychedelic experience. The difference is that you leave our sessions feeling refreshed and restored without some of the side effects of taking a foreign substance.

Why did you choose to incorporate such a laid-back vibe into the Reality Center?

We want people to feel accepted as they are the moment they walk in. We’re not doctors in lab coats or therapists in suits. There is a stigma that comes with therapy sometimes. We’re all in t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes because we want our clients to be relaxed. It doesn’t matter who you are – the Reality Center is where you can simply be yourself.

What does the inside of the Reality Center look like?

We’ve incorporated the soft glow of neon lights and this amazing art installation. We’ve decorated our lobby with soothing plants and trees, and our personal favorite is a TV screen that plays a cool wormhole-looking pattern. In the main room, you’ll see a massive 30’x20’ projection of a cymascope, one of the only ones in the world. Basically, it’s like running frequencies through a Petri dish of water and creating different fractal patterns. Our whole center is designed to put you at ease and relax your mind from the moment you walk in.

Can you talk a little more about Sensory Resonance Therapy?

We use it to empower our clients to create and manage their own realities by seeing, hearing, and feeling their own vibrations. Trauma impacts a person’s nervous system by making it unregulated, which in turn leads to the symptoms of PTSD: anxiety, depression, hyper-arousal/hyper-vigilance, insomnia, and others. Through Sensory Resonance Therapy, we reset the nervous system and reintegrate the mind, body, and spirit.

At The Reality Management Center, the basis of our sessions is the scientifically proven fact that all of reality vibrates at different rates per second. By allowing a client to see, hear, and feel their own thoughts and vibrations all over their body, they achieve Sensory Resonance, which is very tranquil and empowering. We incorporate this with talk therapy and guided mindfulness to help them to feel at peace, connected, and self-confident and to enjoy a sense of purpose again.

How do you use manifestation in your therapy sessions?

First, it’s important to know that your voice is a combination of how you think and feel. Reading a printout of your heart rate, and blood pressure doesn’t tell you anything about the person. We believe and know it’s the voice that powers everything.

With manifestation, we analyze your voice, and we get you to say who you are and want to be. You might be an athlete training for the Olympics and need to believe you will win gold, so you say out loud, “I will win a gold medal.” Or, you might be someone who has struggled financially for years, so you say, “I am becoming financially stable.” Whatever your situation, you get to hear your own sound and vibrations. As you speak, our clinician is with you, typing your words, and the color wheel builds out, which is frozen by our tech. Based on the colors we see, we can tell you where the dissonance is in your life, and what you need to work on to accomplish your goal. We blow people’s minds.

All right, tell us about those massage tables and chairs. 

What makes these devices special is the way they are designed to vibrate every cell of your body, making you feel weightless but supported at the same time. Our flagship product is the wavetable, a liquid mineral vibration bed that simulates the feeling of floating while keeping you totally dry. Vibroacoustic therapy, as this is known, is shown to promote blood flow, decrease stress and improve muscle recovery.  This all happens in the background of a personalized music journey that vibrates throughout your body.

Who can benefit the most from Sensory Resonance Therapy?

We are seeing breakthroughs every day from combat veterans and first responders to stay-at-home moms. After the last few years of Covid, mental health has become more important than ever before. The stigmas associated with therapy have shifted as people have come to understand that without health, there is nothing else. Anyone who is looking for relief from stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, or other emotional issues can benefit. Our Reality Managers facilitate group sessions with up to eight people, and we also do couples therapy. These experiences are personalized based on each person’s goals and various biometrics to deliver the most effective treatment possible.

What is the feedback you get from your clients?

By helping our clients to reset their central nervous system, they are getting amazing sleep. They are finally getting into their REM, where their mind, body, and soul can heal. Most of them have been on the verge of REM for years, where they are constantly in fight or flight mode.

We are working to get people to relax and to have a true aha moment that shifts them forever. They are achieving this and really tapping into their higher selves, where they find all the answers they need.

Does this pair well with other modalities like MDMD, Ketamine, etc?

In our early tests with some of the more prominent psychedelic therapy companies, we found that our technology drastically reduces the dose required and decreases the integration time by putting the nervous system into the most optimum state to receive the medicine.  We are at the forefront of some exciting breakthroughs in combining these modalities, so the future looks bright.

What does the future look like for the Reality MGMT Team? Do you have any partnerships or collaborations in the works?

We have partnered with various companies across several industries, including automobile, gaming, and professional sports, to name a few, to build the future as we see it in their respective spaces.  We see our technology continuing to intersect with almost every industry and making a profound impact on human health.

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