Lots to catch up on, friends! We're a smidge behind due to the the way-too-close-to-Christmas airing of the “Payback's a Bitch” episode, so let's regroup.

Two eps ago it was all about “the text.” The text! After yet another blowup between Kyle and Camille, (and the electronic cigarette-smoking psychic), Camille sent a text to her rival saying she and “top-of-the-pecking-order” Kelsey Grammer would no longer need the services of Kyle's lowly realtor husband, Mauricio. Kyle was devastated, maybe because she had cost her husband a relationship, maybe because the Grammer money train would no longer be pulling into the Richards station, who knows. Either way, that wasn't going to fly, so Kyle set out on a mission to smooth things over.

“Operation Appeal to Camille” went into affect at Taylor's roaring 20s party, during which Kyle pulled Cammie aside and essentially said, I totally love you. I don't know why we act like caged ferrets in heat every time we're together! If Camille had any intention of waging a cold war, she crumbled like the Berlin Wall, because within moments she and Kyle were hugging and dancing the Charleston together. Suddenly, all was well. Problem solved, right?

We shall see. From what we observed in last night's episode, things are still a little icy between the now-sedated ferrets, but each party is making strides. Camille invited Kyle, as well as Adrienne and their families, over to her Malibu mansion for a little tennis tourney – an event that provided Camille with ample opportunity show off her rockin' bikini bod and flirt with other people's husbands.

Camille wonders why women are always catty with her. Hmm, why could that be? Maybe it's because she's relentlessly provocative? Camille was that girl in high school who sat on your boyfriend's lap then looked at you like you can't take a joke.

Nick was, of course, there, and Kyle gawked when she saw Camille greet him with a kiss on the lips – right in front of his wife! (We know, we can't believe he has one either.)

Maybe that's why Camille's considering leaving the show – she's afraid the cameras will eventually catch her mid-coitus with her “rent-a-husband.”

In a similar gesture of good tidings, Kyle invited Camille to her annual white party, which was part Diddy-themed smasher/part birthday party for husband Mauricio, who clearly fulfills her emotionally, despite what Allison Dubois would have you believe. So much so, in fact, that it made poor Taylor tear up as she watched the pair lovey-dovey it up all night. See, her husband Russell is pretty much a wet blanket who can't hold a conversation with anyone and leaves her stranded by herself in the middle of parties. Despite the perma-pout, we kinda like Taylor. Buy your wife some damn flowers, Russell! Quit being a d-bag.

As a peace offering (right?) Camille even brought Kyle a gift: a children's book entitled How to Behave and Why. Cue the doe-eyed Camille face – what's the matter, Kyle, can't take a joke? However, like a champ, Kyle laughed it off despite it being a clear attempt to get a rise out of her, and continued partying with her hot shirtless husband.

Oh, and another reason we love Kyle – she has her swanky parties catered by Fatburger.

Will this détente hold? What do you think?

And if two eps ago was all about “the text,” next week is all about “the call.” The one in which Kelsey ends his marriage to Camille. Aye geez. Until then.

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