Attention actors and actresses of Los Angeles: we know the whole starving artist bit can be fun and that you'd most likely prefer to save yourself for roles that speak to your talent and really challenge you. However, after watching last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we suggest you sell out. Do whatever you need to do to get on a hit show, preferably with spin-off potential for your character. Or, marry someone who's figured that out, because if you do, you can apparently live the most extravagant lifestyle we've ever seen.

We mentioned last week that Camille Grammer, wife of Cheers and Frasier star Kelsey Grammer, has four nannies for her two children, but this week we learned she also has a “house manager,” whose main responsibility, it seems, is to get Kelsey on the phone. The question is, does she have a house manager in every city? Because she rattled off a laundry list of properties she and Kelsey own – a few here, some in New York, one in France we think? And “several in Hawaii.” Camille is busy frantically redecorating one of their New York apartments to prepare for the big move to join Kelsey (one we sadly assume she never makes), so she flew in her interior designer first class “for the afternoon” for a quick meeting. “Have a nice flight!” she called to him as they parted. No matter how much you're getting paid, flying across the country twice in one day is a bitch for anyone. Camille, would it be too much to put him up at the Beverly Hilton for the night? We're sure Kim and Kyle could get you a deal.

Speaking of Kim and Kyle – child actresses, sisters and aunts of the Hilton girls – it's looking like this Housewives series will center on the constant bickering between the two. In this episode, the Richards clan, along with Lisa and her husband, went to Palm Desert to celebrate Easter, and the two sisters spent most of the time exchanging backhanded compliments. Best line of the night: Kyle, to Kim, “You may be skinner than me…but-” then Lisa cut her off, knowing Kyle was clearly about to say “I'm prettier than you!

Yes, thank goodness for Lisa, always the proper one, who thought it would be nice to bring along a $1,000 giant chocolate bunny for everyone to snack on. As you can see from the photo above, Kyle was pretty excited. Hey Kyle, you can love chocolate, but you can't love chocolate.

From the previews, it looks like the juiciness gets kicked up next week when Camille, who spends half of her interviews asserting her autonomy from Kelsey, hears that Kyle has implied she's useless without her husband. From what we can tell, Camille proves her worth via a Club MTV dance party revival. We can't wait.

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