All too often in the Golden State we forgo our identity as Westerners, opting for lingering shame over Manifest Destiny's bloody legacy rather than pride in its achievements. But the reality of life in the West was far more complicated (and fascinating) than we acknowledge. In Lady at the O.K. Corral: The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp, author Ann Kirschner introduces readers to the common-law wife of Wyatt Earp. Yes, that Wyatt Earp, sheriff of Tombstone, Ariz. The story of Josephine's nearly 50 years with her man provides an arresting context for some of the most archetypal figures and events in American history. Painstakingly researched, skillfully presented, it's a fascinating tale: Marcus, a Prussian Jew born in New York City, arrived in Tombstone as a 20-year-old actress just a year before the infamous gun battle. Kirschner will discuss, read from and sign the book at this event, and the fact that the Earps' story ends (where else?) right here in Hollywood lends it an appeal that's even closer to home. Autry National Center, 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Feliz; Sat., June 1, 2 p.m.; museum admission $10, students/seniors $6, children 3-12 $4, younger than 3 free, members, free. (323) 667-2000,

Sat., June 1, 2 p.m., 2013

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