Tomorrow will mark the end of the world, according to one famous interpretation of the bible that calls 6 p.m. on May 21 the time for rapture.

(Wonder if it's East Coast time or what? What if we're waiting for this to happen at 6 but instead it happens at 3 while we're like, doing our last deeds? Discuss).

While many of you will be bummed not to be able to spend another day at the beach, listen to your favorite song again, or post one more tweet, think about the upside for the city of L.A:

-L.A. City Hall's $336 million deficit? Gone (along with all those outstanding parking tickets you have yet to pay).

-Discrimination and class are over. Everyone will be equally dead.

-Will Two and a Half Men work with Ashton Kutcher? Solved: 0 men.

-Wilshire Boulevard — wide open!

-You will never have to read another thing about Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child again.

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