Dear Mr. Gold:

Hubby and I went on our first date eight years ago this Friday. We make more money now. We want a nicer place. Romantic. Near Mount Washington. Ideas?


Dear Tina:

Romance and Mount Washington don't necessarily go together. I mean, they do, but not in restaurants, unless you want to reenact the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene at Casa Bianca, which you don't. CaCao? Good, but more of a family scene. Larkin's? Not quite. El Huarache? It's a particular kind of romance, to be sure, but probably not the one you have in mind.

It's a few minutes from Mount Washington, but Ludo Bites 4.0 might be an intriguing idea — it only has a couple of weeks left to live, which is tragic and teary, and is totally sold out. Still, nothing is more romantic than superb French food in an unexpected location — especially Ludo Bites' Burgundy snails — and it still may be possible to snag a cancellation. Or there's always a back corner at Palate in nearby Glendale, and the possibility of weird things in jars, odd animal parts and eye-watering cheeses, the divine stink of love.

LUDO BITES 4.0, GRAM & PAPA'S: 227 E. Ninth St., dwntwn.; waiting list at

PALATE: 933 S. Brand Blvd., Glendale. (818) 662-9463.

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