The Power Couple Of The Orange County Real Estate Brokerage: Coastal Estates Group

Great things are coming down the pipeline for the husband and wife team, Joseph and Skyler Wheeler. The real estate rock stars of luxury residential homes in Southern California have flourished in Orange County since 2016.

The power couple is behind the brokerage, Coastal Estates Group. They became husband and wife last summer and parents for the first time this past fall. Of course, you can’t overlook the fact that they manage luxury homes for buyers and sellers to the tune of multiple millions of dollars.

Many would say they’re operating at the top of their A-game, and they would not be off base. The duo has thrived as a team, continuing to kill it, intent on providing a luxury experience for residential real estate clients.

How did they do it?

The year 2021 was pivotal for the two lovebirds. Business-wise, moves were made, and  the pair aligned professionally. With the pieces falling into place, they entered a new level of synergy, and clients were flocking their way for expertise on real estate in the area. It was the period when Skyler came on board as an agent for the brokerage. Once she dipped her toes into the real estate fire, she didn’t feel the heat. She “was” the heat. Being an agent meant that she could draw from a well of her strengths and combine them with her love and ability to connect with others to offer a service to people who are either looking for a home or selling one.

Clients responded to Skyler’s enthusiasm and warmth, fostering connections based on more than just a business relationship or transaction. She says, “It can be a rush to find someone their dream home. I call it almost like being a matchmaker, but instead of falling in love with a person, they’re falling in love with a property. When I see that look in a client’s eyes. I know it’s love at first sight, and they imagine their lives in that space. That’s when I know I’ve done my job.”

“She gets just as excited as the clients do about the properties, which I think is a real testament to how much she’s invested in her work and the outcome, ensuring the client gets everything on their list checked. That enthusiasm rubs off.” Joseph affirmed.

Clients appreciate the team’s ability to guide them on their journey. One look at their website shows a bevy of sold listings, showcasing beautiful (and expensive) luxury homes sold through their brokerage.

Think palm tree-flanked properties, state-of-the-art appliances, and sunny backyard dreamscapes.

The newlyweds have already accomplished so much in a short amount of time, and it will be interesting to see where they are in three or even five years from now.

With the addition of baby Sierra Noel to the first-time parents this past November – her presence has solidified their unit more than ever, giving them more motivation to grow in a continuous ascent.

Joseph says that “keeping the brokerage in the family is building a business based on longevity,”…which is the perfect ideal for the growing family.

Perhaps the littlest Wheeler will follow her parents’ example one day and join in on the family business.

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