Walter and Margarita Manzke have opened and run a number of high-end restaurants together, including current L.A. favorite République. Walter normally gets top billing for their collaborations, but with their latest venture, Margarita is taking the reins.

She's opening a new stall at Grand Central Market this summer: Sari Sari Store, which will specialize in Filipino rice bowls and desserts. (She is a James Beard Award–nominated pastry chef, after all.)

In the Philippines, “sari sari” is a term used to describe bodega-like stores that sell both packaged and freshly made foods.

The timing is right for a Filipino concept at Grand Central Market. Los Angeles is at the forefront of a Filipino food movement, and while the Manzkes have been adding Filipino elements to their traditional French menus, this will be their first dedicated Filipino concept.

The couple also owns a small bakery chain called Wildflour in the Philippines.

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