The Police Dog That Didn’t Bark for Democracy but Against Medical Marijuana 

One of the most famous Sherlock Holmes mysteries was solved by the fact that a dog didn’t bark. Sometimes silence tells more than we want to know, and that is certainly the case with the January 6 insurrection.

On August 2, two more members of the Capitol Police committed suicide. It is not hard to understand their depression, especially as most of the Republicans in both chambers have defended their attackers and attacked their defenders. 

The former President who cheered the mobs that attacked the police even slurred the officers who testified about the insurrection, calling them the vulgar term for the part of the female anatomy that he has bragged about liking to grab. 

See “Trump finally found some “pussies” he doesn’t want to grab: DC’s capitol police.”

So where are their usual defenders? Specifically, the police unions? As The Daily Beast reported, This Was the Biggest, Loudest Cop Union in America. Then Came Jan. 6. 

Michael Fanone, one of the many cops who fended off rioters at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, said he expected the largest police union in the country, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), to come out strongly in defense of him and fellow officers. The cops who stared down violent pro-Trump mobs that day have not only had to deal with their own physical and emotional injuries, but have also endured criticism from Republican lawmakers, hostile civilians, and even efforts by the former president to downplay the seriousness of the January riot.

But in an interview on CNN

‘Fanone—fresh from testifying to Congress… about his experience at the Capitol—said he received no outreach from the union immediately after Jan. 6. Even though the D.C. Metro cop has been a dues-paying member of the FOP since he first became a police officer, he said, it wasn’t until six months after the riot that he spoke with FOP President Patrick Yoes to voice his concerns about a lack of support from the union.’

“I’ll be honest with you,” he told CNN, “I wasn’t particularly impressed with that conversation. I was extremely disappointed.”

‘Among the things Fanone was visibly pissed about was what he described as the FOP’s failure to marshall institutional support on behalf of the officers who defended the Capitol. This is a group that represents over 300,000 officers across the country, and has more than 100,000 followers on social media.’

Really. As the Law and Order (former) President, and the Republican Party attack the police, the Police Unions mumbled, and the liberal Democrats defend them. Has the world been turned upside down? Or is this a part of something that has been in plain sight all along?

Last August, the New York City police union endorsed Trump for President for reelection.

See “The Inevitable Trump-Police Union Synthesis.”

Trump got only 22.6% of the votes in his hometown, even with the support of the police union during a crime wave. Of course, the police were not only ignoring the people, but they were also ignoring the fact that Trump was under investigation by the New York and Federal investigators. 

And then there was the Trump University scam. On “November 18, 2016, it was reported that Trump had agreed to pay $25 million to settle the two class actions and the New York suit. The settlement was reached 10 days before the San Diego class action was scheduled to go to trial.”

Also, Trump paid a $2 million penalty for fraud involving his Donald J. Trump Foundation.

See “Donald J. Trump Pays Court-Ordered $2 Million For Illegally Using Trump Foundation Funds Trump Ordered to Pay Eight Separate Charities $250,000 Each

Remaining $1.8 Million in Trump Foundation Bank Account Disbursed Among Charities.”

So, a man who has paid millions of dollars in fines for fraud, and who is under investigation by both State and Federal investigation was endorsed by the local “law enforcement” union?? 

This is no hidden conspiracy. It is all happening “in plain sight.” The groups supporting Trump’s insurrection also oppose marijuana reform, medical as well as recreational, even though the American people overwhelmingly support both. 

See “The Prohibitionist Deep State: Trump’s New Chief of Staff Even Opposed CBD for Desperately Sick Children And Medical Marijuana for Disabled Vets.”

Also See “Police And Prison Guard Groups Fight Marijuana Legalization In California Police And Prison Guard Groups Are Terrified That They Might Lose Some Of The Drug War Money To Which They Have Become So Deeply Addicted.”

And “Reforming Police Unions Would be Good for Cannabis Policy.”

So, let’s be perfectly clear. The supporters of the insurrection are also opposed to Marijuana reform. There is an alliance between the Trump insurrectionists, the police unions, and the Prohibitionist Deep State. 

Stop the Presses! (I’ve always wanted to say that.) This just in…“Police union goes to bat for Chicago officer charged in US Capitol riot.”

I rest my case! 

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