When The Pity Party takes the stage in support of Film School this Wednesday night for Spaceland's Indie 103.1/Club NME night, expect a different looking line-up. M, “provider of backup vocals, player of guitar, presser of various pedals” fell off his bike recently and now has pins in his pinky finger on his playing hand.

The band's plan? They'll be will joined stage by pals including members of The Deadly Syndrome, Eskimohunter, The Human Value and who knows who else.

Leave it to this local outfit not to wallow in self…. ya know.

Still, this pic the band sent out via email of M's F'd-up face, did make us feel kinda sorry for the guy, and they fully admit, they did it to ” induce maximum sympathy (and encourage you to use a helmet while engaging in such activities).”

It'd make a great band flyer too, no?

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