Artist Stanya Kahn's hypnotizing 2010 video It's Cool, I'm Good made loneliness manageable without minimizing its pain. Now Kahn asks how bad it really is to want and not have. You can still feel good, can't you? The title of her new show at Susanne Vielmetter starts out as a bad joke: “A Cave Walks Into a Bar …” and more bad jokes spill out so pithily and perfectly in Kahn's new work that they feel almost profound. In her film Lookin' Good, Feelin' Good, she walks through the city wearing a foam penis body suit, waving at guys in barbershops, stopping at Wienerschnitzel, then telling jokes to children: “How do you fix a broken tomato?” “With a hammer?” asks a timid, baffled boy. “With tomato paste,” says Kahn. “What are you?” a little girl asks. “We haven't figured that out yet,” Kahn replies. 6006 Washington Blvd.; through March 30. (310) 837-2117,

Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Feb. 18. Continues through March 31, 2012

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