The L.A. County Child Services Department's Web site has a fairly new feature — a Most Wanted Delinquent Parent List of parents who have warrants out for their arrest for non-payment of child-support fees. This is, almost by definition, a who's who of deadbeat dads. Its worst offender is currently David Ough, who owes $198,954.70 for the support of a daughter and son, and who's been ducking the law for three years. The site's notation for him reads, “It is believed that Mr. Ough is the president and owner of a consulting company.”

A Monday press release from Supervisor Don Knabe, who helped get funding for this project, noted the recent arrest and sentencing of Osvaldo Fernandez, who has been ordered to serve 90 days in County Jail for failure to pay about $21,000 for his daughter's care.

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