The Ouija Boards Love Washington: Keith Cooper of L.A. band the Ouija Boards told us about his Joey Washington experience (and more).

Keith Cooper: The best gig I ever saw!? This is difficult because I’ve seen so many incredible ones!

Green Day was my first real concert, and the raw energy, combined with Billy’s command of the audience blew my 10 year old mind. I also saw The Beach Boys when I was very young and the harmonies and musicianship definitely left a lasting impression on me.

Morrissey with Joan Jett is definitely up there. Everyone teared up when Joan Jett played ‘Crimson & Clover’ and Mozz got everyone fired up with his tunes and the Smiths songs.

I saw Prince destroy at his residency at the L.A. Forum which just made me realllllly want to practice more.

But I think the BEST GIG EVER- was when my friend Joey’s band was playing Molly Malone’s. It was their album release party and they had invited all of their friends and some industry people. When they’re playing their newest single the bass player goes into a minute long hype up for him…  “ARE YOU READY…for the sickest guitar solo you have EVER heard…GET READY because THIS is Joey Washington and he’s gonna shred your effing FACE OFF right now!!” And at that exact moment he pops his string. The entire band and audience fell on the floor laughing. It was perfect.

Ok in all seriousness I think ANY gig is the best gig ever. Watching my friend’s rock is probably my favorite thing. But if I get to see Paul McCartney soon that will be the best.
The Ouija Boards Love Washington: The Ouija Boards’ single “Leafy Greens” is out now.




























































































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