Though adult-film icon Marilyn Chambers is no longer with us (she died in April at age 56), her legend lives on as the embodiment (and what a body!) of a seminal moment in the history of pornography (yes, I said seminal): Chambers starred in Behind the Green Door, the Mitchell Brothers' landmark 1972 XXX film, which set the ball(s?) rolling for porn's evolution into mainstream entertainment. The pervs behind the Grindhouse Film Festival screen an X-rated tribute to Chambers and her many talents (including but not limited to frenzied fellatio and manic masturbation), as featured in the psychedelic hardcore of Behind the Green Door, 1973's Resurrection of Eve, and an assortment of trailers and clips. Settle into your seat, unbutton your raincoat and take it all in, slowly, then faster, and with lotion if you like. Special guests include veteran porn director Fred J. Lincoln and adult-entertainment advocate William Margold.

Sat., June 13, 2009

LA Weekly