Polarizing filmic event Watchmen was mired in developmental hell since the late '80s, and look how that ultimately turned out: Lotta flash, little discernible soul. In that regard, think of comedian Mike Birbiglia as the anti-Watchmen. There's only one of him, first off, and he's as unassuming as they come. An infinitely nice, down-to-earth dude whom, as of press time, no one is out to murder or otherwise afflict bodily harm upon. Then again, his REM behavior disorder has enabled him to toss cabinets, leap through closed windows (“Like the Hulk! In my underwear, bleeding!”) and battle hovering, insect-like jackals — all in his sleep. The New York comic also possesses the rare superpower of storytelling. His similarly long-in-the-making Sleepwalk With Me has evolved from mere anecdote to workshopped oddity to highlight of the 2008 Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival to off-Broadway success, the latter having been extended several times over since its November debut. The one-man narrative features love gained and lost, father-son bonding, health crises, and, as fans have come to expect, a bear cameo or two thrown in for good measure. “Who Watches the Watchmen?” Somewhere around $103 million grosses' worth. Who watches the Birbigs man? Only those who prefer their comedy quirky, endearing and leaving no doubt about who the good guy really is.

Tue., April 14, 8 p.m.; Wed., April 15, 8 p.m., 2009

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