Photographs by Anne Fishbein

Vincent Dellia, 36.
Believes he got AIDS through gay sex.
10 months at Carl Bean House
and was released in
January. Got married
on May 12 and is now studying
art and
computers at L.A. Community College.


Frank Miller, hairdresser.
Moved to L.A. from Nebraska in the 1970s.
Believes he got AIDS through gay sex.


Tracie Nicholette, 36, dental hygienist.
Believes she got AIDS when she
was raped 10 years ago by a man
who told her he was HIV-positive.


Ernesto Zapata, 35, construction worker.
Believes he got AIDS from his wife, who died
from the virus a few years ago. Shown here with
their 8-year-old son. Ernesto died on April 18.

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