Controversy continues to swarm around the closing of downtown wine bar The Must, which shut its doors, or rather had them shut, over the holiday weekend.

Sid Carter and Julie Rico of Weeneez, Inc., the leaseholder for the restaurant's space as well as the hot dog shop next door, entered into an agreement with a new owner unbeknownst to owners of The Must, Coly Den Haan and Rachel Thomas. Carter and Rico decided the hot dog shop would remain, but the wine bar would be replaced. To that end, Carter and Rico, along with new owner David Holzman, entered The Must in the early morning on July 3rd and had movers strip the place of furniture, food, wine, computers and documents, according to a statement that The Must recently posted on their website.

Via Blogdowntown, Julie Rico claims their actions were within their legal rights. Rico makes more assertions within the comments, calling Den Haan and Thomas “extremely aggressive,” and accusing Thomas of pushing a cop. In another comment, Rico writes, “Love is all around every one of us. You can find it if you look. I hope you all seek love instead of hate in your lives. I really do. Love is much nicer thing to have around you. Try to love, please.”

According to The Must, a lawyer for Weeneez Inc. sent their attorney, Thomas Moore, notice of the eviction by way of a letter. However the letter was sent via regular mail on July 2nd and has not yet been received. Owners of The Must are currently pursuing legal action.

A fundraiser for The Must's employees will be held at Farmers and Merchants Bank on Saturday, July 10th at 7 p.m.

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