Calling all citizen photojournalists or anyone with a camera and a dream — L.A. Weekly is now on Flickr and wants to invite readers to upload images to our Flickr photo pool.

We will be doing weekly and monthly roundups of the best photos from the pool — submitted by you. Underground parties, VIP exclusives, concerts, food, bar fights, street art, protests, high speed pursuits down Wilshire — whatever defines your Los Angeles, join us and submit your pics. Your work could join other greats each month in our “Month in Photos” and you could even be published in our blogs: Style Council, West Coast Sound, L.A. Daily and Squid Ink as “reader photo of the week.”

Spanning anything from tattoos to favorite Thai restaurants, submissions can be zany, poignant, artistic or thought provoking — anything but boring!

Join us at L.A. Weekly Flickr group and let the uploading begin.

LA Weekly