Between 7-9 p.m. is a crazy time at SXSWi Austin; everyone is drinking at the free happy hours trying to chat, tweet, and ping in order to find the night's parties, hookups, and alternate sleep opportunities.

Two that are on our radar right now are the Techset party at the Belmont and the Pasties and Pastries event at Emos. We will be also checking out RVIP and the girl gamer party for a great ride around SXSW! Give us a shout if you see us!

Techset Party at the Belmont, between 6th and Lavaca

Girlgamer Rock Band mobile launch party tonight on RVIP

Pastries and Pasties at Emos

We'll keep you posted on where we end up and get immediate updates on Twitter at @alexiatsotsis and @laweekly.

Also, check out Village Voice Media's SXSW Festival site for more coverage.

See you soon!

LA Weekly