Last night, President Obama arrived at Fig & Olive, where he delivered a speech to 120 guests — each of whom paid $17,900 to attend the private fundraising dinner (guests who brought a date paid $35,000, saving a whopping $400 per person). Among the crowd were some of Hollywood's heaviest hitters, including Judd Apatow, Jamie Foxx, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jack Black, Jon Landau, and even California Governor Jerry Brown (what's with all the J names?). Given the exclusivity of the gathering, and the extremely high cost of admission, many foodies began to wonder what was on the menu. Fugu sashimi with Champagne-soaked Almas caviar? Wagyu ribeye with Yubari King melon and Italian White Alba truffle?

Fig & Olive's PR company remains tight-lipped about last night's fare, and the restaurant's employees are under strict confidentiality agreements. But this afternoon, we spoke to a guest who was more than happy to spill the beans, and reveal the $17,900 Obama dinner's secret ingredients.

According to the guest, the dinner had no printed menu, but the appetizer options included jamón ibérico and a fig Gorgonzola tartlet, while the entree options included: striped bass filet en papillote with zucchini, eggplant, fennel, tomato, thyme, scallion, and saffron, and served with Arbequina olive oil mashed potato & chives; free range organic chicken breast with grilled zucchini, eggplant, heirloom tomato, cipollini onion, roasted fig, Parmesan polenta, and marinated red bell pepper; and rosemary lamb chops, grilled then smoked a la minute with Herbs de Provence, goat cheese, and chive gnocchi, and served with roasted honey eggplant.

Sound familiar? That's because all the items were pulled straight from Executive Chef Pascal Lorange's standard dinner menu. Disappointing to all you fantasizers, perhaps. But at least now you know what $17,900 tastes like, even if you still have to imagine what it's like to have President Obama shake your hand between courses.

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