Tunes and tokes. Beat and blunts. Sound and smoke.

No matter your nickname for the herb or what’s on your playlist, most people can attest that a little 420 can make listening to your favorite music even more enjoyable.

And it’s a two-way street. Picking the right music with just the right vibe can also create a much more enjoyable smoke sesh. Here are some choice pairing suggestions to kick off your weekend.

Smoke this strain: Lamb’s Bread (sativa)
While listening to: “Could You Be Loved” by Bob Marley

Lamb’s Bread is a sweet, sticky sativa that was known to be a favorite of Marley — which makes listening to his words even more transcendent under the care of this energetic strain.

Born and bred in Jamaica, this flower brings high energy, introspection and deep peace upon the first toke. Expect laughter, deep conversation and good times with friends.


Smoke this strain: Harlequin (sativa dominant)
While listening to: “City Life” (Moods Remix) by Ashtraynutz

Harlequin is lauded for its calming and reliable CBD profile, which delivers a nearly perfect, chill high that still energizes without the paranoia of more intense sativas. Great for those with depression or anxiety.

Not weak but gentle.

A laid-back track is absolutely essential for enjoying this mellow strain. Perfect for day use.

Smoke this strain:
Girl Scout Cookies (indica dominant)
While listening to: “The Morning” (feat. DVWEZ & Olukara) by Valleyz

Girl Scout Cookies (aka GSC) has become an iconic California strain that’s sought after as much for its potent effects as for its incredible variety from flower to flower. The high is total. Both body and mind get lifted.

You might melt into the couch while contemplating the properties of antimatter. You might just as easily curl up by the fire with a good book and lose track of time and space as you become the characters.

Girl Scout Cookies is on a pot connoisseur's “must-try” list.

Smoke this strain: Trainwreck (sativa dominant)
While listening to: “Respeita” (ft. DKVPZ) by Sango

This mind-bending blend of Afghani indicas and Thai sativas will throw you into a wormhole if you’re not careful. Once your brain acclimates to the steep psychedelic peaks of this strain, you’ll erase tension and blast through creative challenges.

This flower is truly trippy. It’s like operating a crane with a joystick. It packs a skyscraper’s worth of creative power with a small margin for error.

Have fun!

Smoke this strain: Blue Dream (sativa dominant)
While listening to: “Lotus Eater” (Tonton remix) by Mura Masa

This sativa-dominant hybrid has a gentle fragrance reminiscent of berries, which comes from its Blueberry indica + sativa Haze lineage.

Sink into the chair and let the high take over your body as the instrumentals from Mura Masa flow through your nervous system. Its creativity, energy and tranquility makes for great daytime medicine for those in need of a predictable pick-me-up.

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