It's been a dilemma and discussion topic among the sexes for centuries: What's the protocol following a particularly messy hand/blow/tit/foot/etc. job?

Should the receiving end have planned ahead and kept a clean-up tool within cock's reach? Will one of those T-shirts balled in the corner do the trick? What happens when you're in the woods?

She'd argue it's his responsibility to keep an arsenal of tissues and Banaca by the bed.

He'd counter with “Just suck it up.”

One bit of etiquette on which we all can agree is don't get it on the sheets. Or the floor. Or her dress. (That shit will come back to incriminate you later.)

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Imagining the heart attack this discussion of proper manners would give Emily Post makes me smile. A lot.}

Because throwing in the towel is awkward and embarrassing, the kind and thoughtful folks at have brought us the Man Bib.

It's exactly what you think. Effective, machine washable and almost as sexy as a crotch full of untamed pubic hair.

I choose High School Musical.

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