"The Magic of Japan" at Magic Castle

The outrageous comedian/magician HAMAchanThe outrageous comedian/magician HAMAchan, his assistant Miu, and the endearing MC/magician Toritto

Last week, the Academy of Magical Arts presented their annual “Magic of Japan” program at their world-famous home, The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Organized by the Castle's best known Japanese magician member Shoot Ogawa, the event showcased “the style, humor and variety in Japanese Magic.” Visiting magicians at the diverse venues within the Castle ranged from the outrageous HAMAchan and his assistant Miu, to card wizard Masataka Jimbo, naughty comedian Toritto, “maternally”-themed magician Kikuti Mammy, teen sensations Youri and Aki, and “soothing,” Marilyn Monroe-obsessed magician Wakaba. (This was a also a rare chance to get a glimpse behind the mysteries of the Castle itself, as the LA Weekly received special dispensation from the Academy of Magical Arts to photograph within the notoriously camera-shy building last Friday and Saturday.) All photos by Gustavo Turner.

LA Weekly