The Magic of Earth and a Dream Keeps Warm —Tiffany Blanton’s Demetra’s Curse

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There are many stories that we come across that are based on characters belonging to myths from all over the world. However, the most common and highly popular mythology originates from ancient Greece and Rome —from the gods and goddesses of high intellect to the mythical creatures with undefinable metaphysical bodies. This particular book that I bring to you today, readers, is a story about a young girl named Demetra Scott, who is the female protagonist of Tiffany Blanton’s new book, Demetra’s Curse.

The book starts with an action scene filled with uncertainty, despair, and eventually unresolved triumph, only for Demetra to wake up from the nightmare she was having. The author, Tiffany Blanton, takes readers on a journey filled with fantastical excitement and breath-catching twists through the life of Demetra Scott. Despite her ignorance, the dream that she had turns out to be a foreshadowing of what is about to come.

Demetra is a high schooler belonging to the small and peaceful village of Wickets Hollow, known for its exceptional farming and harvesting yields. Demetra’s own interest in farming was sparked by the fact that her father is also a farmer, which presents the opportunity for Demetra to learn more about farming and spend time with her father. She is an ordinary girl with ordinary interests. Reading being one of them, escaping into the countless worlds and living countless unlived lives, just like many readers out there, she loves to delve deep into the literature that she consumes.

Though there’s only one thing in the world that gives her peace and clears her mind of the turbulent waves that life draws —and that is being close to the earth. She oftentimes escapes the mundanity of her life to just sit near the crop fields and feel the thrum of the earth with her bare hands and feet. True to her nature, Demetra gets her name and love for farming from the inspiration of her own name —the mythical Greek goddess of harvest, Demeter.

Demetra’s Curse introduces us to magical characters, each bringing something to the forefront for the readers to consume in an intriguing manner. We not only meet Demetra’s parents but also her best friend and partner on her quest to defeat the evil forces, Charlie O’Connor. Along with others, the antagonist of the story, Mr. Kirk, their high school teacher, who is put on the list of characters that are suspicious from the start. We get to meet the leaf sprite, Tilly, the mystical The Man of the Willow, and many more characters that align themselves with and against our heroes.

As the plot progresses, our beloved protagonist gets tangled in a web of mysteries, realizing the precariousness of the situation when her parents disappear without any clue on a random day. In their search, Demetra and Charlie come across a mystical relic in the form of a book that holds the answers to their many questions, but unfortunately for them, the book turns out to be in the possession of Mr. Kirk.

As Charlie and Demetra race against time to defeat the evil that lurks and endangers all and engage in a high-stakes game of puzzling chase, readers get to see fiction and non-fiction blend together. Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, the Tibetan paradise of Shamballa, or more commonly known as Shangri-La —Demetra’s Curse beautifully sets the atmosphere of the book for a much-awaited climax and conclusion.

But to get to know the characters more and their adventurous journey to the end, get a copy of Tiffany Blanton’s Demetra’s Curse from the original website of the book or any other digital platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and more. The book is also available in bookstores near you.

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