What could possibly be crazier than Charlie Sheen? How about an art show inspired by Charlie Sheen? Hyaena Gallery's #WINNING takes the actor's madness into the realm of fine art, with paintings by local artists interpreting Sheen's rants. Must be seen to be believed: Chuck Hodi's zombified Sheen in charcoal and pastels; Sheen made up as Aladdin Sane, à la David Bowie album cover, courtesy Jim Wirt; and “Thundercat,” Nicolas Caesar's acrylic-on-canvas take on the self-proclaimed tiger-blooded Adonis. Also on exhibit: Jeff Rebner, Jeremy Cross, Donnie Green, Jessica Ward, Chris Mann, Lou Rusconi, Aidan Casserly and Kit Cameo. Duh! Winning!

Sat., April 2, 8 p.m., 2011

LA Weekly