Here are some of our top cannabis picks to spend your newfound Christmas wealth on.

So things went well with old Saint Nick this year? You’re sitting on the Franklin triplets, Pelosi and Trump are conspiring to send you a couple of grand six months late and you haven’t even deposited that check from Grandma. Bless her socially distanced heart.

It’s time to start looking up the good stuff, or maybe just a killer bulk deal while you have the funds. Either way, we have you covered with our Boxing Day Heat List. While some of our other lists tend to get a bit exotic, everything you see here is available right now on shelves in Los Angeles.


Catalyst – CAM Oreoz/Anything

Cookie Dough


As we’ve noted in the past, CAM is probably the best cannabis cultivation team from Colorado to make their way to California. They let us know they just dropped off a particularly impressive batch of Oreoz to Catalyst. But even if they run out, anything you can get your hands on from CAM should be a winner. The Apple Pie and OGs in particular tend to be dynamite. Photo: CAM

Greenwolf – Lemon Cherry Gelato by Cannatique


On the always popping shelves on Greenwolf it can be tough to stand out. But Cannatique should have no problems with its Lemon Cherry Gelato line. The strain is one of Cannatique’s flagship offerings and also has a few fun clothing options attached to it. You can check out on their website. Photo: Greenwolf

Cookies Los Angeles – Berry Pie Indoor and Greenhouse

There are always plenty of flavors to choose from when you’re discussing the menu at cookies, whether their inhouse options or offerings from fine gardens around the state. This time we’re going with the Berry Pie. While sometimes lost stage left to its siblings in the spotlight, this is certainly one of the big hitters to come out of the Cookies x Seed Junky collab. You can check out both indoor and outdoor offerings at the moment.

Pottery – Clout King Peanut Butter Cup

While the team at the Pottery keep one of the larger selections in town, Clout King’s Peanut Butter Cup is the obnoxious nose stuffed with garlic, gym socks and pine. While that may not sound appealing, once you stuff your nose in a jar you’ll understand where we’re coming from. Also Clout King’s Clout Fuel was some of the best gasoline-aroma pot I laid eyes on in 2020 before the world closed down. Photo: Clout King

Sherbinski – Sungrown Gello

Sherbinski has taken the Gelato line off in his own direction for years since originally collabing with Jigga on it. This year’s full sun crop of Gello is a testament to the time he has put in refining some of the most storied cannabis genetics of the last decade to his own personal tastes. In addition to the signature flavor, the crop is testing over 30% THC. Photo: Sherbinskis

Deli by Caliva Bellflower – Ember Valley Kush Cake


While the Deli-style dispensary space may be in its infancy, the heat on the counter is time tested. Among the lineup is Ember Valley. While we’ve seen a lot of heater phenotypes and great representations of cannabis genetics from Ember Valley in the past, the Kush Cake is simply on another level with their absolute best offerings. Photo: Ember Valley

BARC Collective – Alien Labs Moongrown Atomic Apple

One of the Uber Exotic 12 Strains of Christmas, now that the baby Jesus has arrived you can get the less exotic outdoor version grown by Alien Labs. Think of it as buying all of the clout without the environmental emotional baggage that comes with purchasing indoor cannabis. Keep an eye out for Alien Labs other outdoor offerings like the purple Gelato 41 jars that abducted so quick Mulder’s head spins. Photo: Alien Labs

Stiiizy Downtown – Connected Gelonade Smalls Quarters 

Whenever we see a deal on anything that placed in the L.A. Weekly Coachella Desert Smoke-off, we feel obligated to bring it to your attention. Arguably Connected’s most famous sativa leaner, Gelonade’s pairing of Gelato 41 and Lemon Tree is world class pot. And being able to get a deal on it because the buds aren’t as chunky is always fun.

Grassdoor – Farmer and The Felon Pai Gow

Pai Gow is an award winning rockstar from the killers over at Symbiotic Genetics. The strain brings together a pairing of J1 and Super Silver Haze with the Purple Punch F2 that helped Symbiotic blow up back in the day. In addition to the exciting lineage, you’ll also be giving back to the Last Prisoner Project by purchasing products from The Farmer and The Felon. Photo: The Farmer and The Felon

Skyhigh LA – Cherry Punch from West Coast Cure  

The weed scientists have brought us the pull-top can – it increases the shelf life of exotic terpene profiles! One of the offerings inside West Coast Cure’s cans is Cherry Punch. It pairs the famous Sacramento cut of Cherry AK with Purple Punch. The results sometimes lean on the fruity side or sometimes lean on the skunkyness of the AK. Half the fun is seeing what kind you’ll get your hands on!        

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