The Little Musician That Could His Name Is Devin Millar

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He lives with his family on the outskirts of Yacolt and was born in the nearby city of Vancouver, Washington in the Portland metropolitan area on April 6.

He grew up in a large house, and being in born in 2000, watched VHS tapes of Disney and Looney Tunes movies and shows. He also grew up playing different video games including racing and online multiplayer. He still enjoys watching and playing this type of media and admits he never grew out of it.

He was homeschooled before returning to high school as a teenager and went to River HomeLink, an alternative school for two years. That’s when it started. Devin began his music career when he was 14 years old and his family moved to Yacolt from Vancouver, Washington. Devin prefers privacy and does not talk about any other aspects of his life except basic facts. He created “Crack & Collide” his debut EP and released some music videos for ‘Battery’ and ‘The Coolest Guys in School’ on YouTube. Being inspired by Eurodance and the memories he has of the 2000s Dance music scene, it is no wonder he is so known in this field. Basshunter, Vengaboys, Afrojack, and Post Malone were sources of inspiration and his influences for music and singing. He also listened to Beyoncé in his childhood and wishes to meet her someday and she is one of his heroes for the same reasons.

He performed at River HomeLink’s school talent show and won first place, and went there during high school. He performed ‘Fedora’ which was already popular on YouTube and you probably remember this song as well as its music video which was also popular at the time.

“I always loved dressing up girly, and always did it whenever there was a party. I just feel so cute in these little outfits and people love me for it. I even still do it today.”

“Sure some people judge me, but I don’t care. Most people like me and enjoy what I do, and some people will judge you no matter what you do with your life. Just start living. What do you have to loose?”

Even though he lives remotely, many enjoy him and his style, and when he travels he feels connected. He focuses more on the positive than negative, and although some people judge him, he is never affected by it and continues to have a big social life and music career. Devin surrounds himself with everyone he sees and says he is treated normally like everyone else, and that others can do the same.

With his message to live freely, we wish him the best of luck in his career. Devin Millar has more in store for us, and we look forward to it. His music and lyrics are not to be taken seriously and the material he creates is classified as ‘satire’.

He also has other songs which became hits around the world and on the internet and social media, especially with internet memes. These songs of his are “Hoody” which gives a vibe of the video game series, Grand Theft Auto, “BFD” which is a parody of Cardi B’s “WAP”, and “Unite” which is about to video game mods which define the lifespan of video games and it’s fanbases. These songs have animated videos which were entirely created and released by Devin. They are independent singles and Devin managed to make each of them a success.

Devin is a mix between vintage, playful 1950s clothing and adult clothing which uses thongs and lingerie. He brings cute and vintage into one! Devin Millar is here to stay for many, many more years and generations to come.

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