The Legacy of the Beast… NOT: Metal titans Iron Maiden’s mobile game, The Legacy of the Beast, recently saw an in-game tie-on with thrash pioneer Anthrax, as the latter’s Not Man fought alongside Maiden’s Eddie.

“I was familiar with the game prior to the collaboration, mainly because I follow Maiden on their social media, so I’ve seen a lot of posts about it,” says Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, “I’ve even checked it out because I love the artwork and things like that. I’m not a gamer, but yes, I definitely was familiar with Legacy of the Beast.”

The Not Man looks great in this environment – he’s maybe less “monstrous” than Eddie, or the Motorhead and Megadeth mascots, but it works.

“I guess the Not Man would take that as a compliment, that he’s less monstrous, or maybe not,” says Ian. “I guess my take on it is his being less monstrous than the Motorhead guy or the Megadeth guy makes him smarter. He’s still got some of his humanity, meaning he’s not any less vicious because certainly humans are very good at that. But he’s smarter in his attitude and his viciousness and his arrogance and his aggressiveness, yeah, he’s a smarter character, I’m going to go with that (laughs). And yes, I agree he looks great in the game, I think the artwork is fantastic, and he really looks good next to Eddie, they really make quite a pair.”

There’s a long history of metal and gaming joining forces. Buster Odeholm from the band Humanity’s Last Breath wrote the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Void and Dota 2 Void music packs.

“I think my main focus is to not be overly technical,” Odeholm says. “I still want the audience to be able to bob their heads so I can’t throw in any major curve balls. Other than that it’s pretty much the same.”

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