Deception, manipulation and extortion
Exploitation, victimization and subjugation
Explosions, destruction and annihilation
Enslavement of the Lebanese population

Knavery, bribery and immorality
Brutality, calamity and illegality
Misery, poverty and agony
Simply “The Lebanese Tragedy”

The only way they know how to rule
Is by corruption, power and abuse
The sword they hold ready to use
If people don’t buy into their ruse

The project of deaths they flawlessly design
And responsibility they persistently decline
With their fingers pointing up the V-sign
Freedom and liberty, they redefine

Their masterpiece was on August fourth
Tons of nitrate they housed by force
In the scenic Lebanese capital port
Without understanding justice and remorse

These leaders with deep evil roots
Crafted the mushroom cloud over Beirut
They killed Alexandra, Joe, Sahar and Mahmoud
But their names in our minds will forever be tattooed

Their thirst for money is unquenchable
Willing to destroy and kill with their tentacles
Just to add zeros to their decimals
And bribing judges to make them untouchable

They depleted Lebanon’s credit line
Driving the Lebanese Lira on a spiraling decline
No jobs, only economic depression signs
Their allegiance only to their party lines

Starving families forming long lines
Drowning in pain and searching for a lifeline
While these bullies are sipping their dessert wines
And their posts they utterly refuse to resign

To the angels who are in the sky
To our children you forced us to say goodbye
The citizens of Lebanon with their deafening cry
Demand you to leave for Lebanon to detoxify

Even with the Covid numbers on the rise
With our masks we will mobilize
All the Lebanese to rebuild and organize
Our city Beirut, which you vaporized

“All of them means all of them!”
These tyrants we want to condemn
And plant a seed for a new stem
To rebuild Lebanon, our Mediterranean gem

The Cedars of Lebanon are here to stay
This message, the new generation will convey
For your crimes you will surely pay
Just wait for your Judgement Day!!


Dina Haddad is a poet living in Orange County. 

LA Weekly